Book of Accounts

Year 473, Ascending Air 21st
Charges: 35 silver (rents and loans)
Income: 52 silver (traders)
Private and household expenses: 1 silver (a bag of flour)
Business expenses: 10 silver offered, but returned (Seneschal)
Observations of the day: The note sent to the Ricardo’s underling remained without response and he returned the silver I had offered as a gesture of goodwill. It appears that the servants of House Bauen are every little as obstinate as their masters. I shall have to apply more pressure to get the results I wish for.

A note to Antiques Merchant Rimbeaux

Year 473, Ascending Air 21st


I am happy to offer you an opportunity to prove your value to House Waarches. I require urgent information on a list of books which I have included with this note. As you will see, those books are of a rather delicate nature so I trust I won’t need to emphasize the need for utmost discretion.

Please provide me with any information you may be able to uncover regarding these books – who they were sold to, who owns them, their names &c.

Laima of Waarches

Book of Accounts

Year 473, Ascending Air 23rd
Charges: 35 silver (rents and loans)
Income: 42 silver (traders)
Private and household expenses: 1 silver (fish and salt)
Business expenses: 10 silver (Antiques Merchant Ribeaux)
Observations of the day: Today I have received information that The Abyssic Guide vol1 has been sold in Siegsdorf. Since his son is up to no good up there, this should be interesting news for Bishop Senex. I wish to uncover further books though so I have promised Ribeaux a handsome reward for further hints.

Ricardo’s underling remains vexingly obstinate. Not even my thinly veiled threats of uncovering his shady doings managed to coax him out. In order to not reveal my plans against Ricardo, I will have to change directions for now but I shall most certainly remember the Seneschal’s lack of cooperation when the time is ripe.

Personal Diary of Laima of Waarches

Ascending Air 23rd, year 473

Hailong and Mal the thief have uncovered further information on Ricardo’s scheming. It seems like intrigues and framing will be entirely unnecessary since Ricardo has been setting himself up for destruction rather nicely already. This suits me very well since I prefer taking his power as it drops in my lap rather than having to risk exposing myself to accusations of wrongdoing. Now what remains to be done is speaking to Lady Ragara Sys in the hopes of gaining her approval.

Still no word from Vilkata, Regina or Michal. It has been too long …


Belicht Dionysus