A note to Gabriela

Year of the Illustrious Foundation, Descending Fire 28th

Dear Gabriela,

Please forgive my brevity – I am preparing the household for a feast in honour of my oldest son Michal’s return tomorrow. I have a favour to ask of you: I hear there is a brave man who has fought and slain a simhata down in the harbor. I shall like to make his acquaintance since I greatly desire to purchase the hide of the simhata from him. If you please, could you make arrangements in the harbor for your associates to inform me of his whereabouts?

I am sending Vilkata with this notes, a basket of our finest cakes and my wishes.

- Laima of House Waarches


Book of Accounts

Year of the Illustrious Foundation, Calibration 1st

Charges: 35 silver (rents and loans)

Income: 91 silver (traders)

Private and household expenses: 4 silver (12 yards of blue cotton, 1 yard of white ribbon, 3 loaves of bread, 1 goose, 1 pound of carrots, 1 pound of potatoes, 3 pints of milk, ½ pound of butter)

Business expenses: 5 silver (bequested to hunter at “Golden Flask”)

Observations of the day: I have met the hunter Pyotr at the “Golden Flask” down by the harbour, as I had requested of Gabriela (note to include token of appreciation in weekly dealings). It would appear that he was appropriately flattered by my noticing him. I am hopeful that I will be successful in enticing him to enter my services, even if only loosely.
I have noted that my income from the trader shops, in particular of the herb and healing potions have started to be diminished. I shall make enquiries to discover why this is so.
There are rumours of a child being possessed by demons. I am hoping to acquire more information from the traders but will not enquire just yet.

Incidents: An intruder was reported on the roof but the guards were able to scare him off.

Book of Accounts

Year of the Illustrious Foundation, Calibration 2nd

Charges: 35 silver (rents and loans)

Income: 72 silver (traders)

Private and household expenses: 11 silver (10 loaves of bread, 4 cakes, 1 piglet, 2 carps, 2 pounds of apples, 1 pound of suet, 2 pounds of potatoes, 2 dozen eggs, 1 pint of cream, 2 pounds of white flour)

Business expenses: 1 silver (informant)

Observations of the day: The income from the herb and healing potion traders continues to be diminished. Vilkata has advised me to pay 1 silver to her trusted informant in order for me to gain knowledge of happenings.
Tomorrow we shall have a feast in honour of Michal’s return. I have already invited most of the guest, but shall write to Regina in order to compel her to attend the proceedings.

A letter to Regina of Waarches, at Student Halls of Vendig College

Year of the Illustrious Foundation, Calibration 2nd

Dear beloved Regina,
My heart has been heavy ever since you left us in bad spirits during Descending Woods and I was especially saddened to see your response to my note a fortnight ago. I understand that you bear ill feelings towards Vilkata, and I am disappointed that you would listen to rumours and gossip more than to the words of your mother. The notion that Vilkata may be connected to the death of your father is utterly absurd – in fact, did not the court acquit her of such charges? Did they not listen to her testimony and to that of any accusers and that of any witnesses and find her not guilty of any wrongdoing? How can anyone presume to know more than this illustrious court and continue to spread bad tales like this?

I love you with all my heart, as a mother should, and I miss you greatly. However, I hope you will understand that the bond between Vilkata and me is old and strong. I urge you not to make me choose sides in this matter, but instead return home to your family.

As you know, since your father’s death, the position of House Waarches and my position as leading merchant in town have been continuously challenged from different sides. I cannot afford to appear weak or as if there was discord within the family. Therefore I propose a compromise to you: Tomorrow, I am serving a feast in honour of the return of Michal back to Vendig. I ask you to attend the feast and welcome him back home – I am sure that your siblings and he would love to see you, since he has spent such a great deal of time in foreign lands and will have many tales to tell. I would take your attendance as sign that you wish to continue being associated with this family and will continue to pay your expenses for accommodation at the school hall, as well as your school and book fees. Should you decide not to attend, then I will, with a heavy heart, take this as a sign that you wish not to be associated with any of the dealings of House Waarches, including its coffers.

With love,
Your Mother Laima of Waarches

Book of Accounts

Year of the Illustrious Foundation, Calibration 3rd

Charges: 35 silver (rents and loans)

Income: 65 silver (traders)

Private and household expenses: 9 silver (3 dozen flowers of all kinds, 3 barrels of light ale, assorted exotic fruit and sweets)

Business expenses: 25 silver (hide of simhata and further 5 exotic hides)

Observations of the day: From Vilkata’s informant I have learned that House Bauen is to blame for my diminished income from the herbs and potions traders. It seems like they have been setting up mobile traders close to my stores, which have been competing with my traders. I shall demand that they cease doing so and return to their established trading areas.
The hunter Pyotr has finally delivered the hide of the simhata. He was accompanied by a well-dressed gentleman who seemed pleasant enough but he didn’t immediately appear to be of further use to me, so I had no direct dealings with him. The hunter Pyotr has agreed to deliver his next 5 exotic hides, and I expect to get some useful observations from him in the process.
I have learned from one of the herb traders that a known demonologist has been purchasing rare bones and herbs at prices considerably over their value. I shall have a close eye at this.
Tonight is the feast in honour of Michal’s return. I expect our household expenses to drop considerably from tomorrow, as well as our income from the traders going up again.

A letter to House Bauen, Vendig

Year of the Illustrious Foundation, Calibration 3rd

I have received note that your traders have been establishing temporary sales positions close to my herbs and potions stores. I am writing to remind you that this is not in accordance with the agreement House Bauen has with House Waarches and demand that you cease any such activities immediately.

Laima of House Waarches

Book of Accounts

Year of the Illustrious Foundation, Calibration 4th

Charges: 35 silver (rents and loans)

Income: 61 silver (traders)

Private and household expenses: 1 silver (3 loaves of bread, 2 pints of milk, 1 pound of potatoes, 1 pound of cabbage)

Business expenses: 5 silver (Calibration sweets to trader families)

Observations of the day: My informants tell me that House Bauen continued to send mobile traders to the vicinity of my stores today. I shall discuss our further proceedings with my advisors.


Belicht Dionysus