XP comes from taking various actions that advance the story. It goes into a group pot that will be shared among the players.

It has a condition — that’s the circumstance where you can use it.
It has an action — the thing you do to get the XP

Normally at that point you add an XP to the group pot, play out the XP Action and the rest of the scene, and then fade into the background so that somebody else can act.

General Experienced is gained via the following actions:

Science, Faith, and Sorcery
  • Condition: You’re explaining or wondering how something works.
  • Action: Propose an idea — an implication? loophole? a desperate hope? — & then test it
Decisive Action
  • Condition: You’ve been narrating or explaining your hopes, dreams, plans, actions, or thoughts. Or, someone/something else has been doing that for you!
  • Action: Take an action that you can’t retreat from — something decisive or definitive
Wicked Action
  • Condition: You’re doing something that you know IC that you shouldn’t.
  • Action: Fall into a delirious abyss of self-indulgence.
Be in trouble
  • Condition: A threat approaches!
  • Action: Be overwhelmed and overmatched.

Personal Experience is gained in the following ways

1xp – Write up a character session log
1xp – Follow a personal quest for a scene.


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