The Physician

While the search of the woods has been futile – again – it was not entirely uninteresting. The wretched Ranger took too long to arrive to the forest, distracted by that Hailong fellow, which coupled with my bad luck and the ending season resulted in my not finding enough Coltsfoot to treat the milkman‘s widow. Reluctant to admit defeat I attempted to appeal to Ranger‘s good heart (I note that this failed) to take me to the willow grove which is my last hope probably until spring.

While desperately trying to make good of the trip, I almost choked on what turned out to be a half dead tuft of Common Northern Moss (note: not for internal use!). As I was trying to expel the useless thing from my canals the dark caught up with us. Now I consider myself a fairly adventurous soul, particularly where the dead are concerned, but I was tired, dejected and choking on the flora which made me a bit less enthusiastic to be facing potentially deadly threats.

In a hurry to save all our lives I had remembered a spring somewhere in the area. I had noted it for its rich mineral content which is good both for sinuses and for warding off spirits. The Ranger, who finally justified all the riches i‘ve poured into him, presently remembered the location of the spring which turned out not to be overly far away. We made a run for it, the trickiest part being to survive its underground portion which gave us no protection, but I had chosen my escort well and we made it safe to the town.

As the spark of intellect ignited once again, I decided to try a ritual I recently read about in one of my ancient books „Lulling the Dead to Sleep“. It is said that a spirit can be appeased by singing a chant in their tongue while powdering them with a mixture of potent herbs and some fauna bits and bobs which quite frankly disgusted me. I had made the mix at the time and as luck would have it, I stashed it in a pouch I happened to have with me on this trip.
I attempted the ritual, not overly optimistic as to its results, but what I accomplished was amazing! The spirit showed an interest in the mixture and grew corporeal! Real flesh and blood! Well, no blood, and very little flesh, but that‘s beside the point. It then turned around and walked away. Wish that I could follow it, see where it goes and what it does, but my escort was done for the day and so I had to leave it for some other time


Belicht Dionysus