Vladof Jord

Demonologist Extrordinaire


Vlad’s father, the town priest, claims to have found him beside the road while returning to turn after visiting one of the outer homesteads. Taking the young Vlad in, he raised him alongside his own son. Rather than become a priest, Vlad spent more and more time researching the occult. His brother grew to become a priest under their father, and Vlad evolved into the towns goto person for dealing with demons and elementals, earning a small fortune in doing so. This proved to be a major bone of contention between the brothers.

Now a young man of ~19yrs, Vlad works for the betterment of the town, over-charging those that can afford his services in order to cover those that cannot, often paying out of his own pocket for the supplies needed to perform his rituals to keep the demons at bay. When faced with performing a demonic banishment, he will invariably approach the town guard for a squad of soldiers to back him up.

Having grown up in a library, he has a hard time socializing with others, now compounded by his reputation around town. He is fascinated with sorcery, and collects as much information on the subject as he can. In the short term he wants to continue expanding his knowledge of sorcery, since he is reaching a limit on what he can learn about the occult. He also feels he should get out among people more and learn how to interact with them. In the long term, he contemplates going on adventures, but really doesn’t have the courage to set out and leave his comfortable house and library.

Vladof Jord

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