Rocks Fall

Resplendent Air 10


The Exalts are starting to feel some pressure, with Queen Marlene forming her own base of power.
Laima and Mal are very concerned about their people who were sent to Siegsdorf.
The Exalts want to bolster their own friends and allies in Vendig.
Demi is still concerned about Arada, and his last known sighting was in the west.
They decide they are needed in Siegsdorf.


With the ships taking the surviving Tepet legionnaires back to Chanos, the sea route is closed.
Pyotr plans a trip south, skirting the Bosewald forest.
Each evening they make it to a farm or Wayhouse – protected by wards from the Hungry Ghosts.
Each night they look out on the prowling ghosts – testing the wards, waiting for a mistake.

Siegsdorf Ascendant

Riding into Siegsdorf, the Exalts see how much it has prospered through Vendig’s season of plague.
Saiyuri and the people smuggled out of Vedig have setup “The Blue Dragon”
The harbor is packed with boats, streets are bustling with traders.
Siegsdorf has taken up much of the trade before the winter (air and water) storms set in.
Many foreigners – Rajtali sailors, Imperial merchants, even some Icewalkers!
Some of the northmen merchants are overheard talking about Laima (of Waarches!)

Vlad checks out his family’s interests – and sees the smuggling tunnels are still in use.
Susinen spends the night under the stars, and observes the people while unseen.
She is concerned by footprints she sees outside town – Jotnar!

Hidden threats

After breakfast, Pyotr, Mal and Susinen head outside town to track the Jotnar.
A few miles away they find a camp of Elementals
A dozen Jotnar, twice as many Woodfolk, and a couple of Thunderbirds.
Susinen fades from view and sneaks in, overhears plans for an attack on Siegsdorf.
She returns to the others, and tries to tell them there is nothing to worry about.
Not convinced, these Elementals are a known threat!

New opportunities.

Laima contacts her man Lebowski and sets up a meeting with the merchants.
She meets with a pair of well off merchants, representatives of a “consortium”.
To Laima’s eyes, they obviously see opportunity for great profit.
She instructs them to send someone to Vendig.

New Recruits

Vlad and Demi go to the temple to meet with the priest Alt.
They explain the changed situation – with demon loving Senex and grasping Marlene.
Marlene has already sent a new town sheriff – Boran, and Alt expects more.
Alt is convinced the Order needs to leave Siegsdorf, and join Ulrich in Vendig.


Sayuri has made room for the Exalts on the “boat extension” to the Blue Dragon.
They are served a grand dinner by her.
News of the Elementals is troubling, but an open attack might cause Marlene to act.
Vlad and Demi go out and spend the night warding the north wall and the bridge into town.
Mal spreads word of a coming threat, and to prepare for defense.
Laima immediately goes and corners Sheriff Boran – who is overawed by her.

Rocks Fall

Boran (at Laima’s command) sends the town guard to man the walls.
Demi leads townsfolk barricading the gate.
Susinen and Mal head into the trees to scout, and see 3 Jotnar carrying a load of rocks.
Vlad and Pyotr stand on the walls, watching for incoming threats.

The Jotnar stop when they can just see the men on the town walls. (still hidden by trees).
They lay down their burdens, and a handful of Woodfolk begin ordering the boulders.
The Jotnar start hurling boulders at the wall…

Resplendent Air 16



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