Vendig Redux

Descending Fire 14

Destruction of Property

Demi is frantic, desperately needs Orachulum, but none is freely available.
She asks Queen Marlene – will she permit the dissassembly of these artifacts?
Marlene is flattered by the implication of ownership and authority.
“Anything for the good of the people of Belicht!”
Demi starts examining how to pull apart the Sarcophagus.
Susinen is intrigued, and asks why it is so important..
The plague can spread, and kill anyone, even in the wild people and animals!
Susinen reluctantly agrees to lend her aid in this endeavor.
Demi salvages the Orachulum from inside the Sarcophagus, leaving it broken.

Return to Vendig

Queen Marlene says she will happily provide fitting lodgings should they return.
They return to Vendig via horseback, but find the city closed up – with plague warnings.
Demi, Susinen and Pyotr head for the Doctor burnt estate to hide and prepare.
Vlad and Hai-Long have business in town, and agree to meet tomorrow morning.

A Dangerous Reunion.

Hai-Long is concerned how Ragara Syn has heard the news of his exaltation…
He sneaks and swims through the canals of Vendig, to the Ragara holdings.
He surprises here reading letters from the Blessed Isle.. She is cautious.
He lays it on the line – he is an anathema, but still in love with her.
They agree that they will stay together in Vendig, and try to stop the plague…
Hai-Long admits his associates have a cure, but need demon blood…
She promises to bring a demon to the Burnt Estate tomorrow.
But the night is for them – fade to black…

Holy Visitations.

Vlad brazenly asks the guards for entry.
They are confused – but let him into the plague town.. Wont let him out again.
Sneaks through town to his house – sees various problems with the quarantine.
Goes to the Cathedral to speak to Lord Ulrich – and see the Silver Heron slowly healing
Ulrich is ecstatic at the news of a cure. Promises to help distribute!

Questionable practice

The following day sees everyone gathered at the Burnt Estate
Raraga Syn arrives in a sorcerous whirlwind – accompanied by her Demonic Bodyguard.
Demi has everything prepared, but needs the Demon Blood – She asks it’s permission.
Vlad and Syn are exasperated – “Its just a demon, it does what its told.”
The Demon (Baidak)looks at Demi for a moment before kneeling and cutting its arm.
While Demi Works, Syn is cautiously trying to get to know the Exalts.
Demi is concerned at the end of the day – the Demon is almost bled out and unsteady.
He asks on the best way to care for the demon during its recovery…
Hai-long just puts it out of its misery – by slitting its throat.
Demi is shocked.

Delivery with a smile.

The Exalts and Ragara Syn discuss plans for the cure.
Laima works out how to best deliver the Cure around town to reach everyone.
She provides instruction and equipment
Vlad, with the help of Syn and Ulrich, sets up distribution points at Churches.
Over the following days much of Vendig receives the cure.
Pyotr and Susinen lead Ragara troops aroud town to clean up the dead bodies
At the end of the week over half Vendig is burnt down in controlled fires.
Along with mass graves outside.

Laima’s reputation is greatly increased by this Cure.
She and House Waarches are loved by all Vendig citizens…

Descending Fire 26



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