Descending Fire 5

The Artifact

Mal and Demi realise what they have just achieved.
– Stolen a priceless artifact from the Legions!
They refuse to give it back. They try to camouflage it.
With some effort, they hide it in what appears to be a wooded hill.
They can hear sounds of approaching soldiers, so they run…
The one place the Doctor would go – the burnt down old estate.

Abandoned Estate.

The Meet up with the doctor who is surveying her old home.
Uncover the old cellar – untouched by the earlier fire.
Filled with surgical and alchemical tools – and jars with “things” in them.
They discuss what happened – they are Anathema.
They need to find the others, at least to explain to them.
Agree that should they be divided, this Estate would be the rendezvous.
Sneak through the forest to meet back at Vlad’s apartment.

Godly Dilemma

Hailong, Vlad and Aujaq stumble out of the Undercity into the Cathederal.
Vlad leaves Ulfbertsson with the others – and runs home!
They put the near-death Silver Heron on the altar and try to help.
Aujaq calls on Koda, who begrudgingly arrives and asks what is needed.
Koda examines the Silver Heron – and says she is near Death.
Offers to end her suffering, and take up her responsibilities.
– very convincing argument, Hailong agrees.
Aujaq is torn, and just manages to stay true to his convictions
He commands Koda to help return The Silver Heron to life – caste mark glowing!
Koda is intimidated by the new Exalt, Agrees to help.
He leaves with Uflbertsson to get the priests.

They leave to catch up to Vlad…

Regroup and Decide

Through various means, all the companions have returned to Vlad’s apartment.
Vlad looking very sick – explains his wounds and stabbing
– shows the “needle” covered in demon mother’s milk
The doctor quickly assesses Vlad as a patient zero potential.
Uses the last batch of cure cooked up by Demi – to cure Vlad!
She spends the next hour poking and prodding his injuries, and sewing him up.
They all share what has happened – and that they have all become Anathema!
Vlad explains how his father – Bishop Aldus – is behind all the demon summoning.
They heatedly discuss possible future activities.
– get more demon blood and Oraculum to make demon plague cure.
– join their friends sent to Siegsdorf – get out of Vendig!
– learn more of their past in Rieherheim temple manse
– Keep quiet and avoid the attention of the Legions.
– Get a Hearthstone to power the Warstrider they have hidden.
Agree that staying in Vendig right now, with an enraged Legion, is stupid.
First steps is to sneak out of Vendig, and into Rierherheim to learn of their past.

Flee to Freedom.

They decide that staying on a boat is dangerous, they decide on horses.
Mal and Vlad approach a horsetrader – business is booming with escapees.
While Vlad haggles for a farmer’s cart, Mal makes off with more horses!
They ride for a week, staying off the main trails to avoid other travellers.
Reiherheim is under guard – gates are closed and patrolled.

Hailong and Vlad take the horses to a nearby farm and ask for help.
Hailong uses his new power to inspire belief in the farmlady
– she agrees to hide the horses from the Queensguard for free
– glad to help those in need against her rule.

Mal finds a spot on the wall where the patrols are rare, and jumps over!
He throws ropes down to help the other climb us (Demi gets injured..)
They sneak through the darkened city – curfew going on, and heavily patrolled.
Given the information from Bishop Aldus, they spy on the Queensguard.
Aujaq sees clearly – the Queensguard are spirit-blooded – superhumans.

The Temple or the Lords.

At the base of the castle, Aujaq calls on Koda once again.
Koda is nervous – he seems to realize that all of them are more than human now.
They ask Koda to open the Moon-gate.
He grudgingly agrees “its your temple anyway”
They all thank and give respect to Koda as they enter – he is much cheered :)
When they enter the first hall, they notice the statues have changed…
The 10 statues no longer show the old figures… But their own!
The can recognize all their own faces and clothes – and that of Queen Marlene.

Descending Fire 13



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