Descending Fire 2

Preparing for the Worst

Mal, Hailong, Pyotr and Aujaq gather in the Blue Lady.
All are tired and concerned – the streets are ringing with prayers for help.
Blue Lady staff have gone into siege mode – collecting clean food and water etc.
After hearing news from Laima, they decide to prepare.
Hailong and Mal use their connections. Help the others.
Smuggle out of Vendig – a few ships of wealth, people, goods.

Where is Vlad?

Pyotr, Aujaq and the Doctor head to the Cathederal
Carefully make their way through the plague-ridden streets of Vendig
They examine the remains of the pastorage where Aldus and Vlad had been.
The doctor cant get any further information from the charred remains there.
Aujaq calls the City-Father – getting along splendidly.
Learn that Aldus had been “hidden from sight”
Was a regular occurence for many decades – Offers to help investigate.
Blessed Aujaq – the city will help you in your search.
They follow Laimas directions, and find the secret doorway to Undercity

Experimental Cures.

Mal, Demi and the Doctor continue their experimentation.
Getting some progress, but using more dangerous ingredients.
“Demon Blood” being donated by Mikael Waarches.
Demi gets assistance from Tepet Lisara – scrapings of Orachulum!
Still needs to perfect the brewing of the concoction and more patients needed.

Bring the Big Guy.

Pyotr and Hai-long go to see Ragara Syn.
The Ragara house in vendig is also preparing for the worst.
They explain the possible demonic/cult problem under vendig, they need help.
Syn orders her Demon Bodyguard to accompany Hai-Long.
It is a giant suit of porcelain and brass armour – with pulsing red eyes.

Into the depths.

Aujaq, Hai-long and Pyotr descend into the depths – after the Demon that is.
Pyotr picks up a trail on the dusty floor.
They sneak along dark old stone passages, under the riverbed.
The architecture reminds them of Headless Cove and Siegsdorf temple.
Come to a storage room – somewhere under the center island of Vendig.
They hear and attack some cultists – short work except for the Blood Ape.
In the ensuing melee, Aujac accidently spears Koda, and the Demon Guard looses an arm
Blood ape gets bigger and angrier – Pyotr uses one of his few silver arrows..
Mess on the walls after exploding demon.
The rukus attracts attention of two more Blood Apes.
The trio charge into battle – determined to rescue Vlad – surrounded by light.

Enlightening success

Demi and the Doctor make what they feel is the final product with Mal’s ingredients
They take it to the Imperial encampment to test out.
The watch, in sudden brilliance, as the soldiers fever breaks..

Descending Fire 5



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