City Divided

Ascending Fire 21

After the Generals’ party

The doctor, Aujaq and Vlad try to work out what needs to be done
The Queen, The Vilkatas, or the Slaver Cynis Wou.
Much talking about what is more critical…
The name Cynis (Imperial Family) raises flags – is he a Dragonblood?
The next day they talk to Lady Raga Syn
Cynis is renowned for Slave, Intoxicants and Luxury trade
Ragara is the House given authority for trade in Belicht
They haven’t received requests from House Cynis…
How can we tell if he’s dragon blooded?
Dragon Bloods look different – purity of blood gives elemental markings.
She gives them a spell cord – Dragon of Smoke and Flame which will detect closest dragonblood.
Wou appears in all backgrounds – Elin, Queen Marlene, and Laima.
Need to investigate him more.

Dinner with Elin.

After a few nights, they gather for an indepth conversation
Aujaq makes “herbal” tea to put everyone more at ease
Ask more about her history with Cynis Wou. – what does he look like, act like, compatriots?
She makes a drawing of him – dark, bark-like skin, heavyset, frayed “rich” clothing.
She spent years in the Blessed Isle.
Cynis family “trains” slaves. Drugs to pacify, then loyalty excercises.
Cynis left the Isle with a handful of valuable slaves and his close retainers (pictures drawn)
“Scarface” vilkata has been with him since she can remember.
He has become an underworld figure in Reiherheim.
Everyone is dismayed “dragonblood…”
But sounds like Wou fled family problem, should have no backup.
They decide they have to go to Reiherheim to get a closer view and learn more.
Aujaq and the Doctor get into a heated discussion about the Queen and Demons.
Aujaq is most persuasive at the table
Demons are the Evil, influence and manipulate people, change their behavior.
People should be given a chance to prove themselves while free of influence.
Don’t kill people out of hand until we’ve removed demonic influence.
Queen is innocent! So are Laima and Hailong!
Vlad privately voices – willingly calling demons is worse than influence…

A City Divided.

Before leaving, Vlad bribes the Vendig harbormaster to be on the lookout for Wou’s retainers.
We’ll find out what trade he does, try to interrupt.
The river trip is long and nerve wracking – the crew is quiet and serious.
Arrival in the city is a shock, things have changed.
Armed guards move in groups – City guard, Scarlet Cloaks, and new “Azure Sentinels”.
The Doctor wants to see if the ghost of Warden Falke can help..

Streets of Chaos.

Doctor and Vlad go to visit the Cathedral of the Silver Heron.
The trip is dangerous – almost attacked a few times! Looted shops and burnt houses.
The blocks around the Cathedral are barricaded and patrolled by Scarlet Cloaks!
It is overrun with refugees.
They meet with High Lord Ulrich. Pleased to see them in these troubles times.
All started with the death of the King.
Many are unhappy with a commoner ruler – especially a ‘trophy wife’
Many try to rebel, Queen raises more soldiers, and imprisoning many.
Traders killed and robbed, food shortages and strikes.
The Church of the Silver Heron is doing what it can to protect the people.
The Azure Sentinels are Marlene’s private guard – all women, but brutal.
They are given a private room to contact the Warden.
Warden has been trapped since Kerker – months of darkness…
They reassure him that they return to Kerker, but he is too unhinged to help them.

A Final Meeting.

Aujaq goes to the palace to see the Queen’s innocence.
The Azure Sentinels patrol the gate – only let him in because of old signed papers.
Marlene is very happy to see Aujaq – a friend from before the troubles.
Private dinner with wine and gifts exchanged.
Queen is veiled and in black, mourning the loss of her husband.
Very affectionate towards Aujaq, has been thinking a lot of him, missing his company.
Gives a gift – an old tribal ceremonial blade.
Aujaq realizes this was weilded by the Draugr in the tomb…
Over the evening Aujaq is nervous and watches the Queen closely.
Spots some breaks in her expression – she is faking her emotions!!! Manipulating him!
Marlene asks for help, would he know old myths and history? Feels compelled to help…
But, Aujaq is suddenly scared and makes poor excuses to leave in a hurry.
Sees Marlene measure him with cold eyes as he leaves.

Replendant Fire 2



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