The General Arrives

Descending Earth 17

Hiding out in Vendig

After their escape from Reiherheim, the group decided to lay low in Vendig and lick their wounds.
Michal and Regina have come home with Laima
Over the season of Wood, they all spend time preparing for the oncoming troubles
The Doctor and Vlad investigate how to “cleanse” the demon blood from Michal.
Pyotr spends his time hunting demon wolves, and thinking on how to investigate the Vilkatas
Mal spends time unravelling Elin’s story
– Enslaved by pirates.
– Sold to the guild and trained as an artisan/forger.
– Sold to House Cynis of the Realm.
– Given to King of Belicht as a present.
Laima spends the time cleaning the House of Waarches or Demonic influence.
Many months of effort, resulting in a leaner, more loyal house.
Demi spends time extracting herself from the patronage of Don Ricardo,
Builds up his own business and trading contacts.
Hailong spends much of his time in the arms of Lady Ragara Syn, who has taken him as a lover.

Over the season of Wood, they hear news from the north.
The King is dead, Queen Marlene ascends to the throne.
Resulting in much unrest throughout Belicht.
Elin Dahl is labelled the King’s murderer, and is wanted dead or alive.

The Realm Arrives.

Lady Ragara announces a welcoming banquet for 2 Imperial Generals.
Excitement rises in Vendig (along with prices) at news of 2 Imperial Legions approaching!
42nd under General Tepet Arada, 38th under General Tepet Lisara.
The Generals and their command staff arrive in Vendig a week before the Fleet arrives.

A Party to Remember.

Ragara Syn, Hailong and Laima throw a party to greet the Imperials.
Generals Arada and Lisara, with Dragonlord Ejava are in attendance.
Everyone who is anyone in Vendig society shows up.
Hailong flirts outrageously with Tepet Lisara, who is quite taken by this commoner :)
Demi corners Arada (who is uncomfortable with all this pomp)
– The pair get intoxicated on Demi’s “homebrew”.
– Demi pumps for information – learns about Orichalum
– Arada enjoys the old tinkerer’s company, and impressed by his chutzpah
Vlad asks Ragara Syn about the Vilkata demons – she is concerned about what they are.
– Also asks about the demonic influence in Reherheim.
– Syn advises to not bring this up with Arada, as a more targeted approach should be used.
Mal hangs around, listening for gossip.
– Tepet has some of the best trained Legions. In debt to Ragara for their supply.
– Tepet Fokuf has just been selected as Imperial Regent – rubber stamp for the House Lords.
– The House Lords are direct descendants of the Scarlet Empress.
– They are jockeying for power to claim the throne – no clear succession.

Ascending Fire 20



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