Demons Everywhere

Descending Earth 15 – morning

Day of troubles

After the taxing evening of running from Draugr, Augaq goes to the High Temple to ask some questions.
He tries to call to the City Father of Reiherheim – but the priests throw him out for “disturbing the peace” with his drumming.
Finally calls the City Father in the gardens outside – It’s not amused,
Aujaq asks about the godunder the castle, impressing that its involved in a danger to all
“The Forgotten” from before the rise of Belicht.
Was bound in its Sanctum – never came out and didn’t let anyone in.
The people and Gods of Belict ignored it, as it never bothered anyone.

Demi, Vlad and the Doctor explore a hunch about the bone.
Demi carries out her ritual to locate the Ghost of Warden Falke
Makes a “compass” jade needle floating on water
It points to the Royal Castle
Vlad and the Doctor research the bone in the Libraries of Reiherheim Academy.
The closest match they find is stories about Necromantic Rituals.
An inscribed bone made to trap a spirit – dark rituals and sacrifices are hinted at.
Only works while whole – releases spirits when broken.
Reminds The Doctor of rituals she read about in the books she took from Kerken
The “dark books” of Professor Gruft.

Mal Spends the day catching up with his sister Elin.
She was taken as a slave and trained as an artist.
Sold to the Royal House along with her friend Malene.
Malene began as a house servant – but became the queen!
The “Slaver’s” name is Cynis Wou.
The twins are known to Elin – The “pretty” one works for the Queen, the “rough” one for Wou.

Surprise Visitors

Mal hears someone knocking on Laima’s door in the Inn. The Looming Man from last night.
He listens at the wall…
Laima answers – its her 15yo son, Michal, grown very large in the last 6 months!
Michal was surprised by his Mother, and has come to talk to her.
He’s been running “House Waarches” interests in Reiherheim.
The letters brought by Vilkata every month have been followed exatly – and the House has prospered.
The medicines have also had their effect – he gives thanks for sending them.
Laima tries to hide her shock – she’s done none of these things
Michal gets suspicious, Laima calls for her “servants”
Mal comes and takes orders – to get “servant Vlad” to bring some refreshments for her guest.

Vlad brings water and bread, enters the room…
Michal recognised Vlad and is very suspicious – takes his leave.


All gather to share whats going on.
Laima explains how Vilkata has manipulated her family..
The common consensus is to get our of Reiherheim fast!
Difficulty is getting everyone out safely.
Laima demands that her family be taken to safety.
They agree on a plan…

The Escape

Mal, Demi and the Doctor uses the “floating jade compass” to track down the Necromantic Bone
Anders is en-route to the tomb.
Mal takes the quick approach, and offers bags of jade to Anders.
He takes the money, hands over the amulets/maps/bone and looks for a fast boat.

Aujaq, Pyotr and Elin head for the docks looking for a boat – fast escape
The rough surrounds and drunken sailors confuse them
They wait at ‘The Iron Gauntlet’ for the others to come..

Hailong goes to court to try to get Regina Waarches to raise the royal guard.
Sees the Queen talking to the two “demon women” who look about to leave
Regina doesn’t believe his ‘hearsay’, needs proof. He says talk to the queen.
Regina talks to Marlene, and returns looking angry.
Hai long tries to hold her at knifepoint – she turns the tables.
He is escorted to the Scarlet Cloak headquarters.

Vlad goes to theCathederal and finds Lord Ulrich
Tells him about the “demon incursion” in the city. Where to find the two demons.
Ulrich is convinced by Vlad’s information, raises a squad of Scarlet Cloaks..
Hailong and Regina arrive – Ulrich says the proof will be if the Demons are there!

The two Demons – ‘Courtier’ and ‘Rogue’ Vilkata’s are standing in the moonlight waiting for the others.
Ambushed by the Scarlet Cloaks.
“Rogue Vilkata” spots Vlad and gives him an evil glare, before discorporating…

Descending Earth 15 – midnight



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