Through the Moon Gate

Descending Earth 14 – midnight

The Dangers of Choice

With the information they gathered, Laima Vlad and the Doctor return to see the others waiting at ‘The Iron Gauntlet’.
In the short hours before midnight, they argue over what to do with this information.
Everyone agrees that they need to know what the true danger below Reiherheim is.
Stop Anders team, take their gear and replace them?
Sneak in after them?
Wait for the survivor to return and take their stuff?
The Doctor, Vlad, and Laima win the argument – no one can be allowed to disturb the Anathema’s Ghosts.
The three of them will meet Anders before he enters, and the others will wait for drawn swords to ambush if needed.

Surprise Visitors.

The 3 wait at the broken side of the Castle’s Mastaba base.
Anders saunters up – looks vaguely surprised by recognizes the doctor, walks over to talk.
“Sorry my friend, you are walking into a trap” she warns him.
Laima and Vlad providing scary occult details as to how dangerous the tomb is. How certain of death.
The job he is being paid for is mapping and drawing the interior –
They agree to do this job for him, and give him full credit (and payment).
Anders is convinced of their sincerity and compassion for Belicht – when his companions show up.
A woman carrying papers and charcoal pencils, and a heavily armoured youth.
Vlad does a double take – the woman looks very much like Mal. (Her name is Elin.)
Anders convinces them of the new plan, then asks for help convincing the ‘Twins’
Twins arrive and are immediately on guard at the crowd.
One is in practical craftsman gear, the other looks like a scarred vetran thug – but both look like Vilkata.
They are convinced of the new plan so long as Elin goes in to draw (she is a very good artist).
They will be waiting for the team’s return – they indicate their many weapons.

Through the Moon Gate

The others are called over and they all go through the Moon Gate (a flat wall under moonlight)
The Entrance Hall is lined with giant statues and a shattered doorway at the end of the chamber
With help, Aujaq understands the words in the chamber (written in ancient runes, but sounds like tribal language)

The 7 lords, their High King, and 2 gods (Moon and Sun) are in the chamber.
Tursas – Rembling Beast of Conquest – Bulls head
Ukko – Resplendant Bird of Fire – Peacock Tail
Raako – Watching eye of Midnight – Eye
Tuoni – Coiling Hand of Death- Snake
Ilmari – Architect of Eternal Wonder – Scepter/Tool
Kullervo – Thousand Veils of Vengeance – Mask/Crown
Louhi – Dancer of Night’s Splendour – Veil of Stars
Tapio – Auger of the Golden Dawn – Throne
Luna – Silver Moon of Change (black/White circle)
Ignis – Unconquered Sun (4 armed man in circle)

Aujaq senses a wounded spirit – guardian of the gate.
He complains bitterly that his sanctum has been forced open, and he wants to be left so suffer alone.
They hand out the 5 protection talismans – Elin, Aujaq, Vlad, Doctor, and Mal.

The Dead Walk.

The five go through the shattered gate, down stairs into a long curved corridor.
The walls are covered in relief carvings and inlaid with precious metals and jewels.
The map says to expect a large circle, with the down gate on the opposite side.
Elin (with guidance) spends time copying images from the wall.
Panel 1:In the beginning
First Ones were the primordeal makers who ruled Creation and the Gods
Ignis gives power to mortals – become Anathema.
The Anethema lead armies of Dragonblooded against the First Ones.
Panel 2: The War for Creation
Tapio leads a handful of Anathem and captures First One “Serpent who Bleeds the Unknown Word”
The Serpent is buried deep and the Exalts raise a mountain over it.
The Lords gather and take his Words of Power.

Now they are surprised by Draugr – dead servants of the Lords. Armed in ancient Icewalker style
They decide to beat a hasty retreat, sustaining only scratches and getting back to entrance.

Time to Leave

Pyotr, Laima and Demi wait in the Entrance hall.
Over the fears of Pyotr and Laima, Demi wanders around searching for Loot.
Demi finds a “loose” ring and breaks the statue’s finger to get it.
Interrupted by other 5 running in terror.
All rush out into the waiting arms of the Twins and companions.
Twins take back Elin, and the amulets.
They act surprised at the shocking information provided (dragon blood server Anathema!)
Vlad realises they were expecting this, they know more…

Desceding Earth 15 – dawn.



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