Conspiracies Unveiled

Descending Earth 1

Discussions in the Dark

Demi and the Doctor discuss their ongoing projects.
Demi learnt from Lady Margareth many occult secrets
She is on her way to deliver protection talismans she’s made to Ricardo Bauen.
Ask: Why is Ricardo avoiding the Church for these things – something big!
They plan to sneak a look at Ricardo’s plans.

Doctor meets Ricardo and disrtacts him with questions and ideas.
Demi uses the time to sneak into Ricardo’s office
Searches quickly through papers – finds a note attached to invoices.
Specialists hired to go to under Reiherheim Castle? Queen Marlene involved?
A “Geomantic Compass” on his desk – reacts to the Talismans on Demi.
Demi reads some names of the “specialists” for later questioning.

Doctor manages to give Demi time to escape -
Ricardo agrees to set up meeting with Cynis Wou, to examine ‘livestock’.

Giant problems.

After a restful night, they take their horses out towards the Black Arrow Fort.
Pyotr is able to recognize the signs – Jotuns (aka, stone giants)
Aujaq remember her tribes dealings with the Jotuns -very carefully :)
Jotuns are long lived with long memories – and sticklers for ‘proper dealings’
They start the ritual of greeting – and eventually come upon a waiting Jotun.
Pyotr asks for his old friends – and told thye were mostly “returned to the earth”
He leaves to stop himself saying something inflamatory.
The Jotun have returned to reclaim their ancient lands – dont like the humans.
They claim all the mountains (including the mines)
Hailong makes impassions plea for negotiation..
Jotun refuses – “you have nothing we want” – but is moved.
He warns – “we are just the first, the Lords will return”
Aujaq noticed a carving on the Jotun – symbol of the 7 Lords – Anathema!

In search of a good Burglar.

The Doctor and Demi track down one of the specialists: Anders.
Anders is a competitor of Mal – who redistributes “hard to get” goods.
With the help of Sayuri (courtesan) they hatch a plan to get Anders to talk.
Demi talks as “a fellow conspirator of Ricardo” to Anders.
There have been a number of expeditions to map the catacombs.
Only able to enter on nights of a full moon.
Anders is a replacement, many others have already died – but well paying.
The ‘brains’ is Birget, who is solving the traps and puzzles found.

The Doctor and Demi pray to Koda – send a message to Aujaq to return!

The Slow Boat Home

Koda come to Aujaq with a message – return to Vendig to help the queen!
Safe way back is to wait for the Iron and Food ship.
The trip is ludicrously expensive, but a safe trip downriver, making stops.
Pyotr and Hailong are sulking – plotting revenge against the Jotnar.
Laima and Aujaq note the Iron shipment – 2/3rd gets sent to the mountains.
Jotnar appear to take the Iron – remains get to the boat.

They relax on the trip to Vendig. Plotting to call in the Wyld Hunt

Descending Earth 4



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