The Belly of the Beast

At Headless Cove

  • All the soldiers and sailors gather to huddle around the campfire.
  • During the night, 2 sailing ships are spotted leaving the harborage
  • ‘Nymphs Fancy’ and another fast ship.
  • All look worried as Vlad considers this news, but they choose to remain.

Mind the Fall

  • Mal, Pyotr, Vlad, Aujaq and the Doctor bring rope and torches to the headland.
  • The rope bridge is half ruined and singed.
  • Aujaq asks Koda to cross and help them – he grudgingly agrees.
  • They tie a small rope to some of the large ship-ropes brought up.
  • Pyotr scurries across with the end of the rope.
  • Koda and Pyotr haul over the ropes and fix the bridge.
  • The Doctor still nearly falls from the bridge – not good with heights.

The Belly of the Beast

  • They carefully explore the lair carved into the top o fthe statue.
  • Mostly abandoned, signs of hurried packing.
  • Find various sleeping quarters – Wichtel, Troll, and Human.
  • Evidence that some people are still here (or didn’t pack anything)
  • Pass a large doorway with sounds of heavy breathing behind it.
  • Meet and capture a scholarly woman in room full of drawings and fragments
  • Evidence of siegsdorf attack plans and recruiting.
  • Ask Birgit some pointed questions – bring her up to the soldiers.
  • Ambush and kill a pair of trolls (large hairy bear-like hunters)

The Ancient Manse

  • Enter into an older serction underneath – original construction.
  • Rooms are all slanted, hard to move around.
  • Enter a temple-like room – broken statues line the walls – the 6 Lords.
  • Mal notes a trap in the corridor leading deeper.
  • Thrown statuary sets off the blade-trap.
  • Hear someone coming to investigate – hide
  • Hilde is there – near naked carrying a torch and light. Turns off the trap to investigate.
  • Vlad rushes her – throwing a smoke-flask (mistletoe and silver)
  • Pyotr fires arrows through the smoke
  • The demon-armor reacts and stops the attacks. Vlad hears it giving warnings.
  • The five of them are near ineffective, but manuver Hilde back into the smoke.
  • Smoke stings the eyes of the demon armor – and Hilde is left unprotected.
  • Mal and Pyotr tackle and hold her – Vlad runs her through.
  • Vlad takes her head – to give to the Doctor for questioning.
  • Explore



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