Headless Cove

Year 438, the 28th of Resplendent Water – Storm Season

Preparations for war

  • The Doctor, Vlad, Aujaq, and Mal return to Vendig by boat
  • The Doctor is brought up to speed on the events in Siegsdorf
  • Vlad brings the others to meet Ulfbert the Smith for fine equipment.
  • The Doctor scours his books for information in Wichtel
    • And concocts essence of fish (which they avoid)
  • They hire a boat to Siegsdorf.

Raising the Troops

  • They confront the Mayor with the Royal writ
  • Eventually convince him to release 20 troops and the guard captian Johannes.
  • Mal listens around for bars for a captain down on his luck.
  • They offer Cpt Heinrich of the ‘Yellow Minnow’ an offer he cant refuse.
  • Aujaq leads an offering to the God of the Bay for a safe and fast trip to Headless Cove.

The Headless Statue.

  • Headless cove is a bay around a partially collapsed statue of a sitting man, without its head.
  • The statue is leaning its shoulder into the nearby cliff. There is a wooden fort build on its shoulders
  • The only way across is a small rope bridge into a forested headland.
  • Cpt Heinrich drops off the troops and company in a nearby hidden inlet.
  • They make plans to start a diversion to draw away the defenses and allow the troops to approach
  • Mal, Aujaq and the Doctor rob a boat over to the base of the statue.
  • After some trouble, they climb up and find a leve carved into the shoulders of the statue.
  • They enter, dispose of some guarding Wichtel, and set aflame the wooden buildings.
  • A sleeping wood-troll is awakened by their clatter, and chases them.
  • After some dangerous rapelling, they leave in a leaking rowboat.
  • When the fire is spotted, Vlad and Johannes lead the troops to the fortress.
  • They kill many Wichtel, and watch the rest cook in the flames.



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