Royal Appointments

Resplendant water 19

Where Decisions are made at the Blue Lady

  • Aujak has been getting more used to ‘civilized’ life – spending time with the companions of the Blue Lady
  • The Doctor is getting sick of working with the “companion” health issues…
  • Mal and Vlad convince all to head to Reinerheim for a change of scenery.

City on the Lake

  • Reinerheim is a glorious walled city, around 3 times the size of Vendig.
  • The Castle, Cathederal and University dominate the cityscape.
  • After a troubling trip they settle into ‘The Iron Gauntlet’ – a more expensive, but very secure public house/hostel.
  • They go to the Cathederal looking for Regina Waarches – but she’s become the queen’s bodyguard.
  • Meet Lord Ulrich, head of the Scarlet Order.
  • Vlad asks to join, a Conclave will be held.
  • Aujaq gets into an argument about the ‘history’ of the settlers driving out his people.
  • Mal and Vlad push him outside before the argument gets violent.

Royal Visit

  • Royal Castle built on old buried structures – tribal stories tell of holy rituals..
  • They talk to Regina – who is excited by their stories and offers to arrange a meeting with the queen.
  • Queen Malene is a young girl (late teens, early 20’s) – very beautiful and charismatic.
  • She’s looking for “people of action” to work for her – offers a trial reqest.
  • Gives ‘royal warant’ to get help in Siegsdorf to hunt dow Hilde.
  • All are swayed by her offer – looking forward to working with her.

Scouring the Library

  • The Doctor researches the Cult and Necromancy – some books mysteriously missing…
  • Vlad goes before the Church Conclave – they refuse to give title of Inquisitor, but offer teaching as an acolyte.
  • Vlad refuses.
  • Aujaq wanders the city, uncovering hints of tribal history from 500 years ago…
  • Mal listens in for gossip – Traditionalist vs Progressive (red v blue) political tension.



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