Outside Help

Year 438, the 15th of Resplendant Water – Storm Season

Where the Ancient Temple gets crowded

  • Mal, Vlad and Hailong have been in Siegsdorf, trying to get the business running.
  • Frustrated at lack of progress, they discuss on how to destroy the temple.
  • Laima and her entourage sneak back into the Temple during the night
  • Vlad hears and investigates.
  • The guards take out pickaxes and set to work wrecking the doorway.
  • Laima, Vilkata and Babette visit the Demon Nctosa
  • It offers knowledge, if a sacrifice is given for the Mother of the Deeps.
  • Laima tries to get Vilkata to do the sacrifice – Nctosa gets furious.
  • They leave.
  • Vlad is discovered listening – the guards tell him they were trying to close the temple.

A night of discussions.

  • Hailong is trying to convince the others to make a visit to the Blessed Isle.
  • Interrupted by Vilkata – warning of “fish demon temple”, and complimenting Vlad’s past work.
  • Hailong realises that what he fell in love with was a demon -horrified.
  • Gives the “Black Blood” for examination – it corrupts whoever drinks it – Burn in fire!
  • Rimbaux and Laima come for a visit. He wants to buy the workshop…
  • Laima offers his services in return for assistance with Demon. (Rimbaux flummoxed!)
  • Spend the evening talking about Demons and their history.

Wolves of Fire.

  • The next day they do down to finish destroying the temple – plans to collapse and burn * out.
  • When they arrive with tools in hand – something else beat them.
  • Temple is ruined – claw marks and blood everywhere.
  • In the final chamber, find parts of a giant wolf scattered around – and Water pool bubbling..
  • No Nctosa – but some tentacle tips and blood found.
  • They examine the strange pool – runes of channeling? Collecting power?
  • Its all destroyed and burnt with oil The entrances are collapsed to make the passage impassable.

Trip to Chanos.

  • Hailong and Laima seek help on the Blessed Isle.
  • Hire more crew for a trip, and pack the ship with glass and ceramics.
  • Stormy trip takes weeks. Some fall ill.
  • Met off the coast by a Customs ship – a sleek warship, heavily armed.
  • The Customs officer demands entrance papers and threatens to send them away.
  • Hailong and Laima manage to bribe him into giving a 3 day visiting pass.

The Blessed City.

  • All are overawed by the rich and advanced city of Chanos.
  • Laima, realizing the situation, send a polite message and gift to the local House Ragara.
  • Polite message returned from Raga Hao – “thanks for gift, too busy to meet”.
  • Hailong goes searching for a ‘trainer’ for his girls, and spreads the word around old haunts.
  • On the last day a Courtesan comes looking to apply – with a great resume and references!
  • Jiandie convinces Hailong to make her an equal partner – and she will mold the Blue Lady.
  • On the trip back, both Laima and Hailong spend time learning the Realm languages.

Hunting Wichtel

  • Vlad and Mal spend time in Siegsdorf asking questions.
  • Local farmers and hunters give rumours on Wichtel movements.
  • Local “tribes” have gone missing – everyone happy at this.
  • Word of wichtel riders seen at Headless Cove – some days sail west of Siegsdorf.



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