Kerker Rescue?

Where old inhabitants reclaim their lands.

* The city father of Vendig passes a message – help Doctor and co in Kerker against evil threat

  • Vlad, Laima, Aujak, Mal, Hailong take the week long trip north.
  • Winter makes the journey even harder…
  • Last Wayhouse before Kerker – inhabitants killed – evidence of attack by ‘heated’ weapons
  • They build a byre and give respects to the dead….
  • Ghosts of Charred Soldiers appear at night – “Leave our Land!”
  • Vlad asks why – “We have orders from the Headman”.
  • Laima starts offers of bribes.. Guards get caught up in technicalities of their orders.
  • Hailong leads the "Hailong variety show!… Entertains the ghosts until daybreak!
  • Long ride during the day trying to make it to Kerker.

The extent of their danger becomes apparent.

  • Doctor and Pyotr warmy greet their friends.
  • Town is in shambles – outlying farms sacked, nightly raids by ghosts.
  • Karl blames himself – sought refuge in the bottle – Demi keeping him company.
  • Pyotr is worried as the wild game has dissappeared – food running out at the start of winter!
  • Laima and Mal organise the town council – convince to institute curfews and ‘buddy system’.
  • Aujak tries to learn from the City-Father: It’s swapped side to become death-aspected
    • “abandon hope, release your last breath and join the dead”
  • Vlad and Pyotr go into the forest and call the Forest King…
    • “You humans are useless and responsible for unleashing horrors. Leave!”
  • Doctor calls Prof Gruff’s ghost
    • He warns that the ghosts are ‘immortal’ until their anchors are cleansed.

Where they make a desperate plan

* The occultists gather and weight their options…

  • Only the weaker ghosts are apparently on the loose – Margarethe is holding the big ones still.
  • Need to keep the living protected in one warded place.
  • Plan to get into Kerker hall to find the big anchors and destroy them.
  • If Kerker Hall is cleansed and no longer a prison, it should release the rest of the ghosts.



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