Through the Wall

What they did while noone was watching.

  • Aujaq, Laima and Hai-Long decide to investigate the bricked up doorway.
  • Bring along two brave sailors to break down the wall.
  • They find the buries underlevels of the shattered tower.
  • Disturb a demon guardian – Blood Ape.
  • After a long struggle, Koda, Hailong and Aujaq manage to overpower the demon.
  • Find a giant doorway – temple doors – “The Ruler’s Domain”
  • Inside the temple they find ruined and blocked staircase, and a ramp downwards.
  • Find a shrine – covered with eerie symbols – tentacles, fins, wings, humanoid figures
    • Black liquid in refilling bowl – Hai long carefully takes some.
    • Aujaq recognizes some imagery – “The Mother of Monsters/ The Sea Mother”
  • The shine leads into a large temple – feels alive… Softly glowing pool in the center.
  • A massive mural surrounds them – strange writing and images of creatures making offerings
  • One “statue” is alive and come to them – Koda is scared/disgusted.
    • Elegant and expressive, hypnotic creature. Tentacles and gills, black eyes.
  • Hailong and Laima try talking – Laima is Gifted/Marked by the creature/demon.
  • Aujaq intervenes to protect companions from “influence”.
  • Almost falls to bloodshed – Laima calms everyone and is able to withdraw from the Demon’s influence.
  • They run for the surface – all promising not to come back without protection.



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