The Ghosts of Kerker Hall

The people of Kerken share thoughts on Karl Falke

  • Pyotr and Doctor have a meal with Agatha Gruft
  • Bring conversation around to the Falke family – Frederik, Margarethe and their son Karl.
  • Karl is a popular “malcontentant” in town – him and his lazy cronies.
  • He doesn’t talk about his lost hand, story changes depending on who you ask about it.
  • Ex soldier who returned to town some 10 years ago.
  • Demi approaches the gossiper Mrs Shultz at the bakery.
  • Karl is not pitied – always drunk/bad hygene.
  • Lives at his run-down farm plot.

Demi makes a new friend.

  • The three decide that they need to find the ghost of Margarethe at Kerken Hall.
  • Best chance is with a blood relation – Karl…
  • Demi buys a bribe of strong alcohol and goes to talk to Karl.
  • The pair spend the afternoon sharing gripes about the younger generation
  • Learns Karl’s bitterness because the he blames the townfolk for his parents death.
  • The town constalntly compares him to his parents – and found lacking.
  • Demi promises to bring him recognition in the eyes of the town.
  • They return to Agatha’s house to meet the others.

Where we meet the inmates of Kerker Hall.

  • The four of them ride up mountain to Kerker Hall
  • The castle is falling apart after 30 years of neglect and harsh weather.
  • Ominously quiet. Flitting shadows seem to be watching them. Shadowland…
  • They spot strange new runes inscribed on the castle foundation in the last months
  • Blood, fallen rocks and drag marks show where Prof. Gruft died.
  • Carefully make their way through decaying halls – face the ghost of the local Judge.
  • In the burnt courtyard, the burning ghost of a prisoner faces them
  • Pyotr kills it with one of the silver arrows taken from the crypt.
  • They see the chared remains of soldiers lying around – shadows gathering..
  • They return to the entry hall, and the Doctor uses Karl’s blood to call out for Margarethe.
  • The call rouses many more ghosts – Margarethe speaks
  • The ghost of Frederik was taken – she is only barely containing the worst ones
    • The Nephwrack ‘Letterman’
  • She warns – the wards have been broken – and you just woke the dead…
  • The four flee – chased by the hungry ghosts of the burnt guards.
  • The doctor risks life and limb to give one-hand Karl time to get on his horse…

Where they seek the intercession of the Silver Heron.

  • Shaken, the four realise they need help before the nephwrack kills Margarethe.
  • They prepare a lavish feast with the last of their money.
  • They offer the feast to the local god of the Silver Heron – begging for help
  • The moon shines through the clouds, and they see the shadow of a flying heron…



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