The Missing Girl

Where we see how Siegsdorf picks itself up

  • Aujaq, Vlad, Mal and Hailong head into town to survey the damage.
  • Locals are working together to clean up
  • Stories are spreading of “Mal, the Demon killer”
  • They return to the Temple, and talk to Father Alte.
    • Demon book had been moved to his private locked study
    • Search through the burnt remains of the library
    • Fire was started in the private study – locked desk was broken up.
    • Cant identify remains – which books were stolen/remained…
  • Father Alte is broken up at the loss of his young daughter – Hilde.
    • Her hand was found near thetemple altar…

Where we learn the identiy of the mysterious woman.

  • Laima return to visit with Trader J.Rimbaux
  • Social visit, talking about the Wichtel attack.
  • Laima describes the mysterious woman – Rimbaux identifies as Hilde
  • Hilde is famous in town as a pious and dutiful daughter of the priest.
  • Some nasty gossip about her unladylike pursuit of Teufel when he arrived in town.
  • Pointed towards the “Black Sail” tavern for more salacious gossip.

Where Aujaq dispairs of civilised life

  • Explores the coastline near Siegsdorf.
  • Notes the ‘threats’ that the townfolk are afraid of – avoids easily.
  • Gathers beautiful and precious items from the sea for spirit-gifts

Where we sample the less cultured taverns

  • Mal and Hailong go to the ‘Black Sail’
  • Listening infor gossip and socializing
  • Fail to learn anything, and Mal is distracted telling tales of his ‘demon killing’

Where we discover where the Wichtel hid.

  • Vlad, Laima and a maid visit Teufel’s workshop/home for dinner.
  • Building is open, sounds of movement insode.
  • House has been thoroughly and methodically trashed
  • The four workers have been killed in their beds
  • 6 Wichtel are manning the furnace bellows and trying to coat bodyparts in glass.
  • Dead body seated – covered in glass.
  • Maid sent to get help, Vlad and Laima frighten away the Wichtel
  • Mal chips at glass body – remains of tortured Teufel.
  • Aujaq calls up an upset workshop-spirit
  • Vlad and Laima search the building – ‘cooked’ accounting books and too much money.
  • Hailong examines the bloodstains
    • a woman was in here doing the torturing…
    • Wichtel fled into basement.
  • Learn that a woman and wichtel came and tortured Teufel and left.
  • Teufel’s diary gives history of affair with Hilde – detailed research needed.
  • Uncover secret passages to smuggler’s cave.
  • Bricked up doorway to ancient ruins.

A grieving mother’s story.

  • Laima returns to town to comfort mother Alte.
  • Learns more of Hilde and Teufel’s story
  • Alte family grieving over severed hand of Hilde… Blame the wichtel



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