In the shadow of Kerker Hall

Where the town of Kerker learns about the threat

  • Demi rings the town bell – calling out the Guard.
  • Guard examine the burnt body of the zombie and exploded grave…
  • Doctor talks with Father Grimm about protecting the graveyard – they ward it.
  • Corporal Shultz of the Guard learns from Pyotr how to kill Zombies.

A cache of relics is found.

  • Demi takes Father Grimm to town to convince them to send more guards.
  • Doctor and Pyotr search the temple for the hidden crypt.
  • Find hidden casket of potions and weapons to hurt ghosts.
  • Pyotr takes casket to the house where the Doctor is staying – discivered by Agatha Gruft.
  • Doctor convinces Agatha – this is what your father didn’t want you involved with…

Investigation of the clues

  • The group spend some time uncovering more information.
  • The Doctor investigates “Whispering Hunger”
    • Cultists investigating ‘undeath’ and the underworld.
    • Suspected necromancers, searching for eternal ‘life’
    • Rumours of an ancient ghost helping them – Moros, sorceror-king of a vanished empire.
  • Demi ingratiates himself with the locals,
    • Corners Mrs Shultz: husband still has nightmares – man chanting his name.
    • The bloody letters – like murders committed by “Letterman” a sorceror from Reiherheim.
  • Pyotr continues his hunting and helping the locals as winter fast arrives.
    • Learns about the local heroes: Friedrich and and Margarethe Falke – Last warden and wife.
    • Friedrich trapped himself in with rioting prisoners.
    • Margarethe died in fire maintaining the mystic wards.

The Bloody Letters Return

  • Screams, and more bloody letters and a slaughtered lamb – “M A R”
  • Pyotr chases the tracks – finds young Timmet Shultz lying on the frozen ground.
  • Child was on errand from his mother, then awoke in field.
  • Doctor sees evidence of ghostly influence.
  • Bring child back – parents very grateful.

A voice from the beyond

  • Doctor wants to try summoning ghosts.
  • Pyotr and Demi go to get one of the protective amulets from Father Grimm.
    • Grudgingly loans one.
  • Doctor summons ghost of Margarethe Falke – everything was done right, but only momentary glimpse.
  • Tries again with ‘Letterman’ ghost. Similar result.
  • Doctor and Demi theorize that the ghosts are still bound to Kerken Hall and cant escape.
  • They investigate the town records.
  • Margarethe was a student of the ‘Heptagram’ on blessed Isle – licensed Sorceror
  • They make plans to enter Kerken Hall and rescue the ghost of Margarethe.



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