Evicting Squatters

Don't overstay your welcome

Eighth day of Ascending Air, year 473

In which we prepare for a country outing

• The Doctor searches around Vlad’s house for the munificent antivenine, takes it for pressing need.
• Demi makes some “anti-venom” that will boost resistance, cheap, but not a cure.
• The Doctor get a sling made by Demi, and prepares bandages and poultice for healing burns.
• Demi carefully separate the “Ardent resin” into 4 small vials and attaches to the end of arrows.
• They purchase a wagon load of sandbags to prepare for the spiders.

In which the Doctor fails to command.

• The Doctor, Demi, and 10 guardmen of Merchant Prince Ricardo take a horse-drawn wagon.
• A few hours along the road the get to the Doctor’s estate – a few scattered “statues” of wood.
• The guards are ordered to make a sandbag barricade at the gate, while Demi and the Doctor examine the bodies.
• Shattered remains are Hungry Ghosts effected by Wood Spider Poison.
• One is the local messenger – with letters for the Doctor (and others undelivered)
• The Doctor gives a speech about driving away the deadly, numerous, supernatural spiders.. Guards not encouraged

In which they plan for fire

• Everyone hunkers behind the barricade.
• Launch an Ardent Embrace Arrow – starts to burn down the estate.
• Grass and trees start to move violently.
• Demi is terrified and hides in wagon.
• Doctor knows it’s a distraction, moves to the back to get out of the way – ambushed by Large Wood Spider.
• One guard gets off a round – Spider engulfed by sticky, flaming resin. Digs into the rotten, mouldy ground.
• Demi realizes its healing itself – yells at guards “Its healing! If it finishes we’re doomed”. Guards drop bows and run!
• The Doctor run for the wagon, and thows a vial at the spider – only manages to leave a burning puddle on the ground.
• The Spider attacks the wagon, narrowly missing the Doctor.
• Demi starts frantically smacking the Spider with his walking stick.
• The Doctor slings the last vial at the Spider’s head – It screams and curls up, but Demi is caught in the splash of flaming resin.
• Demi and the Doctor frantically cover the flames with sand and take off Demi’s burning jacket – not before he sustains major burns.
• The Doctor rescues some of the rare herbs and components before the estate burns down completely.

In which we hide uncomfortable truths.

• Demi is taken back to Vendig, and the Doctor treats his burns very carefully A couple of weeks of recovery from the burns.
• Metzalar Ricardo is unimpressed by the shoddy outcome, but puts the Doctor up in a small house to treat patients.
• The wooden messenger has a letter from the Doctor’s old sponsor – Mr Bekenn – “come speak to me at Kerker village.”
• Arrangements are made with Ricardo providing the tickets for the stagecoach – after a month of clinic duty.



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