Trouble in Vendig

Unexpected Complications.

End of the month of Descending Fire, year 472 after the Illustrous Founding of Vendig

In which Pyotr tells his story to a rapt audience

  • Pyotr and friends drunk at the Broken Drum, celebrating the Simhata kill.
  • Lady Laima and entourage come visiting – out of place nobles slumming?
  • Pyotr believes Laima is besotted with him, agrees to bring Simhata hide for meeting at House later..
  • Mal follows Laima home – well guarded house on the main canal – rich quarter of Vendig.

In which we visit the court of the Forest King

  • Vladof searching for strange plants – pays too much for a bonsai fir. Doctor notices and is intrigued
  • They visit Pyotr – need to go to Maiden Vale – home of the Forest King.
  • Leave early next morning – Pyotr little hungover -leads them near a Mountain Bear den – hurred withdrawal
  • At the Vale – Pyotr sleeps off his hangover, Doctor collects grubs and plants.
  • Vladof summons the Forest King – makes a present of the bonsai and acts subservient.
  • King agrees to give a single favor – loan of an “Artisan Flower”
  • They leave.

In which Mal raises questions

  • Mal questions Broadmann and Pyotr about the odd behavior of Lady Laima.
  • Convinces Pyotr he needs help carrying the Simhata hide.
  • While Pyotr is enthralled by Laima, Mal cases the house
  • Pyotr leaves with a “gift” of silver, and promises to hunt the most exotic hides for Laima.

Where we learn not to take from the Forest Court.

  • The doctor starts experimenting with strange grubs from Maiden Vale.
  • The grubs feed on flesh and dead wood – and grow fast!
  • The Doctor looses control of the now fist sized grubs of vines and wood, and runs for help.
  • Vladof and Pyotr are convinced to help save the Doctor’s patients.
  • A Wood Spider is making its lair – distracted by poisoned foods allowing the two to rescue the patients.
  • The house is warded, and the Doctor needs to abandon her land to stay with Vladof



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