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In the northern threshold, at the base of the Dehennan mountains are the deep forests and rivers of Belicht. When the light of the sun fades and the moon rises over Belicht, packs of demon-wolves emerge like the tide, hungry ghosts haunt the huddled human towns and terrify travelers along the dark crossways in between.

As the people of Belicht struggle, The Realm looks north with covetous eyes, but all wonder what dark horrors are hidden in the forbidding heights of the Dehennan mountains.

The coastal province of Sturwoge is home to a number of small-to-medium port towns, most situated at the mouth of a river that leads further inland. Sturwoge’s sea mists, and mysteries cloak its commerce and crimes; it is populated mainly by those who seek business, secrets, or solitude. The province’s silver sand beaches, punctuated with rocky promontories and sea caves, afford easiest access to its fog-shrouded ocean.

Belicht’s vast, wooded hinterland is called Bosewald, a province in a state of perpetual autumn. The deep woods are king here, although small human communities have carved out farming villages, and groups of hunters and trappers venture into the forest to make a living. Even new arrivals to Bosewald know not to venture out at night. Even if the wilderness weren’t haunted, it wouldn’t be safe—Demon wolves prowl the province, sometimes alone and sometimes in packs.

The province of Silbermaur is where humanity remains safest and strongest. It is home to Reiherheim, largest city in the Belicht, which houses the mighty Cathedral of the Silver Heron, seat of religion and the place where the great god once presided. Smaller towns radiate outward from Reiherheim across Silbermaur’s rocky moors. Small copses of trees dot the landscape of rolling hills and heaths. Because more human dead are buried here than anywhere else, Silbermaur is more plagued by hungry ghosts than other provinces.

The province of Blutberg covers the darkest and most mountainous parts of Belicht. The evergreen forests here seem to always be half-dead and the roads always misty and deserted. Jagged hills hide isolated, wary human villages and manors from each other. At the province’s edges, the forlorn pines give way to high cliffs above which no human dares venture. In Blutberg , the sun seems never to break through the strangely colored clouds.


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