White Badger

Name: White Badger
Policy: Spread respect for the Spiritual World.
(1) Size: Aujaq and Koda.
(3) Competence: They can reliably get responses from the spirits.
(0) Influence: no one really pays much attention to Church competitors
(0) Wealth: well, some funny herbs?
(0) Reach: some locals with interest in Icewalker traditions

Max Capital: 4c
Current: 4c


The White Badger
Spiritual Guidance and Herbs for “Special Needs”
Are you troubled by a hateful spirit? All your drawers getting stuck, a dark cloud hanging over your house or are you frequently drawn down by sickness? You feel like the city’s guardian has forsaken you?
Then come and see Aujaq at The White Badger!
There is no spiritual issue which the right ritual or correct incense cannot solve! If you have the coin, we have the solution!
Or maybe some of your private parts are not working as they should anymore?
Fear nor, for we also provide a broad selection of useful herbs and brews to get every part of your body and mind back to work again – or to relax your spirits, while you look for answers and solutions in your life.
Come visit us at The White Badger or ask for Aujaq, the shaman!
Now half price for all first-time customers – the spirits have told me so!

Aujaq started this small enterprise in the outskirts of Vendig, upon realizing that the “cushioned city people” are in desperate need of more connection to the small gods – and vice versa. After the spiritual cleansing of the guardsman’s house in Reiherheim went so well, he decided to offer his services elsewhere in the country, for small coin or valuable objects.

The services of The White Badger include (but are not restricted to):

  • Summoning small gods and spirits to provide guidance for the city folk – and to raise the gods’ respect
  • Spiritual cleansing of homes, bodies, minds and any cursed objects
  • Rituals for certain occasions, such as a good journey, good luck in marriage or fertility
  • Guiding people through important life choices through meditation
  • Providing special herbs and brews to help “special needs”, including virility, out-of-body experiences and painkillers

As Aujaq and The White Badger enterprise is not yet established in Vendig (or elsewhere in Belicht), Aujaq is currently selling his services by going from door to door or during public feasts and markets to make a name for himself. If that goes well, people might start coming to his home to ask for spiritual advice or some of his “special medicine”. He also frequents the harbour in Vendig and establishements like the “Blue Lady”, to get a new clientele and hopes to be able to convince the queen and noble houses to use his products, soon.

White Badger

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