The second largest city in Belicht, Vendig, stands at the mouth of the Silburlind River. The population consists of craftworkers, shipbuilders, smiths, traders, and other professions to take advantage of them. The Church of the Silver Heron has a strong presence here to take part in the trade and marketplace, but many Sturwogians are wary of the priesthood and watch them like hawks. As long as the church brings trade to and from the capital of Reiherheim, they are given a pass from the key players in Belicht.

Vendig was built on the islands of the river delta as protection from the ghosts of lost sailors – the still reflective waters of the lazy streams acted as weak barriers. Today the city of Vendig is a combination of island buildings surrounded by warded canals and bridges. It is a cosmopolitan trading city that has trade routes all along the Deshan coast, and is the main free-port stop up to the white sea in the north and a vital resupply port for travel to the far west.

The city is ruled by the council of merchants – The Metzalar – who levy taxes to support the ghost-wards and island upkeep. The city is also home to the great shipyards that have stripped much of the nearby coastline of its famed ironwoods. The Metzalar have kept Vendig as a Freeport – anyone is welcome so long as they can pay their taxes and will defend the port against aggressors.

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