A life afloat…..

So, I’ve returned from the North and find myself in a pretty nice tavern; well a lot better than the dives I normally frequent for by business activities. Turns out that some bloke called Regara Sim Hai has arrived in town – I overheard a few merchants talking about it. He’s come in on a small ship berthed at the docks not far from here and Haillong has taken an interest. He’d very much like to know what’s on the ship and why he’s here. Is he just free trading or has he been sent here for some reason? So, he’s asked me to take a look at the boat and find out why he’s here…..

So, I sneak on the ship where they have, rather carelessly, left only one guard on deck. That’s handy! After poking around a bit and checking his various chests and boxes (with woeful locks I’m pleased to say) I find assorted documents and letters. There’s a chart on a table in the captain’s cabin with two suspicious crosses marked. I’ll mention this to someone who’s a better sailor than I to see what is at those positions in the sea. The letters and logs are written in a squiggly script that looks like gibberish to me; so either I’m not familiar with that language or the penmanship of the author is rubbish. I’ll cut the log pages out that appear to indicate the route of the ship and steal the other letters; I leave the chart behind. Don’t want to make it too obvious that they’ve been robbed blind! I also found some nice daggers, and two even nicer bags of jade coins – they got to keep the daggers, but the coins……mine! Then there was the Imperial Navy uniform – whoever this guy is he’s got some clout with someone. In his private quarters there is a flashy set of arnour and a really decent sword; as well as some letters that look as though they could be the proof of this ship being sent here – exactly what Hailong was after.

I also checked the hold earlier and this ship is not what it seems. There’s no cargo, just hammocks and footlockers – crew quarters only. And the ship itself is too narrow in the beam to be a cargo ship; this is more of a courier or similar. It’s built for speed, so it could be a smuggler perhaps; something shady. Anyway, I decide to report back and head out. Then I fall flat on my face…me! A random splinter or nail has been my downfall – such poor workmanship! I’d write a strongly worded letter of protest to the shipwright if I owned the ship. Of course, the guard which has remained happily oblivious to my presence thus far finally notices that he’s not alone. So I leg it! He chases me off the ship and down the docks. I decide that actually turning and giving him a slap will draw attention that I really don’t want, so I shout out for the watch; accusing my pursuer of being a mugger and thief. This has the desired effect and he’s held up by officers of the watch and rightly outraged members of the public. After all, who would stoop so low as to be a thief and steal the hard earned property of others!!

So, I make my escape and vanish into the shadows. I make it back to Hailong and let him have the goodies that I’ve nicked….well not quite all the goodies; that jade is mine! Hailong then gets the loony toymaker guy to translate the gibberish – it turns out that it is actually a language! It turns out that the ship and captain has been sent here by a powerful merchant familiy to investigate the ‘new captain of Vendig’ – this is an obvious reference to Ricardo. We shall see where this leads……


Belicht Dionysus