Book of Accounts

Year 473, Resplendant Air 11th
Charges: 35 silver (rents and loans)
Income: none (income shall be recorded upon return to Vendig)
Private and household expenses: 12 silver (provisions for journey to Siegsdorf)
Business expenses: 50 silver (group of half a dozen mercenaries); hide of a simhata

Observations of the day: In order to secure good fortune, a sacrifice was in order. The hide of the simhata seemed most appropriate, as much as it pained me to see it burn. I shall have to see whether the hunter has found more exotic hides.
Since the spirits are fickle, I thought it appropriate to additionally secure fortune by hiring half a dozen mercenaries to join us on the excursion to Siegsdorf. Considering the ragtag band on the “Crouching Tiger”, this seemed like an excellent investment to make.


THIS AGREEMENT is made this 12th day of Resplendant Air, Year 473 by and between Laima of House Waarches, resident of Vendig and Antiques Merchant Paul Rimbeaux, resident of Siegsdorf.
NATURE OF BUSINESS. The parties listed above hereby agree that they shall be considered partners in business for the purpose of establishing a glass foundry in Siegsdorf. Merchant Rimbeaux shall be the sole owner of said business with House Waarches as a silent partner.

DAY-TO-DAY OPERATION. It is understood that Merchant Rimbeaux as sole owner of the business shall conduct day-to-day operations as he sees fit. House Waarches neither takes responsibility for nor part in determining the success or failure of said business, beyond capital contributions.

CONTRIBUTION. House Waarches shall provide an initial capital contribution of 200 silver to establish said business, and an additional 20 silver every month until the business is able to support itself without additional capital contributions. Merchant Rimbeaux shall send his accounting books every month to ensure that the time at which the capital contributions by House Waarches should be suspended is determined accurately.
In exchange for the capital contributions, Merchant Rimbeaux is obliged to send a regular report of events in and around Siegsdorf, as well as any additional information that may be of personal or business value to House Waarches. In particular, Merchant Rimbeaux shall provide information on any dealings in regards to demons or other non-human creatures, noble houses and other higher classes as well as large movements and unusual events within the lower classes.
All information shall only be provided to Laima of Waarches, or upon her demise, her heirs.

Whenever requested by Laima of Waarches, Merchant Rimbeaux shall also act as a spokesman for House Waarches.

TERM/TERMINATION. House Waarches shall be obliged to provide the agreed capital contribution in a timely manner every month. Failure to do so for more than three consecutive months shall enable Merchant Rimbeaux to continue his business without providing further information to House Waarches and demand termination of the agreement. Merchant Rimbeaux is obliged to provide any information listed above immediately upon learning of it. Failure to do so shall enable House Waarches to immediately seize possession of the business and all its capital with sole ownership.

Signed on Day 12th of Resplendant Air, Year 473
Laima of Waarches, Vendig
Paul Rimbeaux, Siegsdorf

Book of Accounts

Year 473, Resplendant Air 12th
Charges: 35 silver (rents and loans)
Income: none (income shall be recorded upon return to Vendig)
Private and household expenses: 5 silver (engagement gift for bride of Teufel)
Business expenses: 200 silver (Antiques Merchant Rimbeaux)
Observations of the day: Although not an entirely trivial expense, I am very happy to have had the opportunity to speak to Rimbeaux and get him to agree to this mutually beneficial arrangement. I shall hope that my investment in an engagement gift shall be equally beneficial tonight.

Personal Diary of Laima of Waarches

Resplendant Air 13th, year 473

Wichtel! The despicable vermin! Something unusual must be happening for them to make an appearance among human folk in this number. Even more unusual was seeing demon beasts allowing them to ride on their backs. I must say that seeing the display at the square in Siegsdorf gave me a twinge of longing for home, for the woods.
I am happy to say though that my sentimentality didn’t last long and I managed to gain a clear head and make my way to the church. Since I was hoping to use the confusion and chaos in my favour in order to acquire the demonic book stored there in the library, I went downstairs without hesitation only to find a beautiful, fair maid already searching the tomes. It appeared that there were wichtel and demon beasts accompanying her but when I addressed her in the old tongue, she did not show any sign of comprehension.
As the demon beasts attacked and were not held back by the lady, I was obliged to hastily retreat which unfortunately meant leaving the two unlucky mercenaries I had taken with me behind. I managed to make my way to the “Crouching Tiger” unharmed though.

I must admit I am unsure whether the fair maiden in the library was a noble human woman or a demonic creature so when pressed for information by my travel companions, I decided to not risk exposing a potential ally before knowing more about her and pretended to not recall any details of her appearance. Regrettably I had already provided some information on the events at the library though which I fear may have raised suspicions in my companions.


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