A letter to Regina of Waarches, at Silver Heron Church, Reiherheim

Year of the Illustrious Foundation, Ascending Air 3rd

Dear Regina,
I was greatly distressed to learn that you have left the Student Halls of Vendig College. Do you not see what difficulties this is likely to cause me? Can you not imagine the danger this might put you in?
I am sending this letter with Babette who together with Vilkata will come to get you. Please listen to them and follow them home to your family.
With love,
Your Mother Laima of Waarches

A note

When you have read this note, please destroy it right away. I urge you not to speak to anyone of this, and not question anything I am saying. I have sent Babette and Vilkata to Reiherheim three days ago and I have not found peace of mind since. My heart tells me to suspect I may have made a terrible mistake.
Please, if you love your sister, travel after Babette and Vilkata to catch up with them. Do not let them talk to Regina alone but instead, speak to her and guard her home safely. Please, make haste!
Your mother

Private Diary

Year of the Illustrious Foundation, Ascending Air 18th

It has been 12 days since Michal left for Reiherheim and I have not had word from him, Regina, Babette or Vilkata. I am anxious beyond words to hear of the events that may have so I went out to find distraction. The one man I did not wish to meet, crossed my path while I was sampling fabrics in the merchant quarters! Ricardo … the name of a traitor, the name of a man who would betray the widow of an old friend. I despise him nearly as much as I despise myself for trusting him in my weakest hours. Oh, how I long to rid this town of his presence and take his power!


Belicht Dionysus