East Belicht Trading Company

A small enterprise started by Vladof Jord and Hailong. They both provided the seed capital to initiate the endeavor.

Currently consisting of the refurbished trading Cog ‘Crouching Tiger’ and a newly reopened ceramic/glass workshop in Siegsdorf.

Name: East Belicht trading company
Policy: Earn a living through trading
(1) Size: 12 people + PCs
(2) Competence: competent sailors and few apprentice workers
(1) Influence: not much – no one has really heard of them yet.
(1)Wealth: survivng, not enough profit to grow significantly.
(2) Reach: local – Vendig/Siegsdorf
(1) Special Asset: 4 Cogs (small/old trading ships)

Max Capital: 7 (+2)
Current: 5

Grow Wealth (4c) ( diff 4, 4/5 succ)

Grow Competence → 2


East Belicht Trading Company

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