New Horizons

Not often do I find myself at an impasse, but I am beginning to think that in the past 30 years I have spent in this life trying to gauge the secrets of the body, I have failed to see the magnitude of mysteries surrounding this world.

Now that I was unwittingly sucked into the machinations of this cult, I am drawn to its implications. What exactly are they trying to achieve and where do I even begin to search for them!

Perhaps there is something to be learnt from Pyotr and Demi‘s misguided attempts at communication with the local tribe.

When I first came here, I could neither understand why the fate has punished my by sending me to this backward community, nor why i was stuck with the gibbering old tinkerer. At least Pyotr, blissfully quiet as always, had agreed to accompany me, despite his better judgement, I suppose. Then again, he is prone to taking action despite his better judgement, I do wonder why that is? Could it be some sort of controlling parasitic Nematode sp.?

However, when Demi, against all odds, showed up on our door with that oaf Karl, I must admit, I was more than impressed. I was already used to the old goat making a mockery of himself amongst the townsfolk, but either he managed to hone his communication skills or his choice of liquor was masterful. Either way the devotion unfortunate Karl showed to Demi after that would have been heartwarming to those that allow themselves such emotions.

In fact, an interesting thing crossed my mind at that moment. If I ever should have an apprentice of my own, the old man would be a perfect choice! Seeing the effects of time on his ageing body and mind has fascinated me ever since I first saw his wart-riddled face. I also like to think that any secrets I might impart on him would be committed to the grave soon enough, or lost in the depths of his senile mind. If this fails to happen, though, at least his devotion is easily bought with some nice food.

Speaking of which, I have absolutely outdone myself in this regard! When I first realised that some of my herbs could be used to enhance the otherwise inedible slop I used to make for myself while consumed with my work, I began to think that culinary arts are not as inane as I thought them to be. I never really wanted to go too far in my experimentation until I started cooking for my companions in Kerker. Since their reactions were positive and no side effects have been observed, I decided to let my imagination play a bigger part.

I need to write down the recipe of the food I made for the sacrifitial table! The meal itself was a simple roast with baked potatoes but the seasoning this time included Cowbane which I was reluctant to use before due to its lethal toxicity. But in my experimentations I have surmised that if it is boiled at exactly the right temperature, most of its toxin will be neutralized, so I decided to give it a try. After all, it will be eaten by a God who, I am sure, would not even blink at the full dose. But the smell was fantastic!


Belicht Dionysus