Prospective patients.

As you have all no doubt heard, the threat from elemental spiders that infested my previous home was dealt with finally and efficiently.
I apologize for any delays in treatment you might have experienced during this time but henceforward you are welcome to my new chambers at Plague Sq. 13 where I will have my office now.

However, I will be out on a business trip from next Monday for a few days so I urge those that need to see me before that time to schedule an appointment. Metzalar Ricardo will be in charge of handing out any medication while I am away.

If any of you are interested in joining me on my trip to Kerker village, you are welcome, and those with tracking and combat skills are encouraged in order to make my trip a quicker one and to devoid the town of my presence for a shorter period.

Sincerely etc.

Ascending Air 9th.


Belicht Dionysus