Pink or green?

Spring had come to Belicht and with the “sowing season” also came the first festivities of the new year: The “melt festival”, including fierce arena fights. In those events, muscular men from near and far engaged in close combat fistfights and the winner would receive gold and glory. As he had nothing else to do on that day, Aujaq joined this social event in Vendig and was more than surprised when he surpassed all his opponents with flying colours, chasing them through the arena like wild deer and kicking them into the dirt until they yielded.

He was so caught up in fighting, that he did not realize one of his companions, the pirate Hailong, was fighting there, too, until both of them were called up as winners to the booth of a noble woman. Aujaq’s surprise was even bigger, when he saw the Doctor, Laima and Mal sitting in the booth as well, already talking excitedly to this lady from house Ragara, who was as usual flanked by her horrible demon guards. Aujaq knew little of house Ragara, but people who sided with demons and considered themselves higher than spirits and gods could not be trusted. Laima, Mal and Hailong seemed to have a different opinion on that matter, as they discussed some sort of “collaboration”, while Aujaq remained cautious – and he was quite pleased to see that the Doctor seemed to share his hesitation.

After the business talks were over, Hailong set out to seduce the noble lady and Aujaq – thinking back to his last meeting with the beautiful queen – paid close attention to what the “ladies’ man” did: Still breathing hard from the fighting, he dripped cold water of his trembling body and dressed into a colorful combination of silk trousers and an open shirt, which made him look properly dressed, but still revealed his muscles and cuts from the recent fight. Then the pirate grabbed a bottle of wine, gracefully slid over to Lady Ragara and, while looking deep into her eyes, whispered something Aujaq could not understand.

The effects, however, were perfectly clear to him: The woman almost threw herself at Hailong, running her fingers over his chest and listening to every little word that passed his lips. At this point, he had her wrapped around her finger and she agreed to all further business proposals from the group. Then it was time for the other adventurers to leave, but Aujaq picked up enough to make his own attempt at seducing a woman very soon!

As luck would have it, the Doctor planned to pay the queen a visit only a few days later and asked Aujaq to accompany (and guard) him, in exchange for paying for the journey. Aujaq did not really hear a word after “the queen” and agreed in no time at all.

Upon their arrival in Reinerheim, Aujaq and the Doctor headed out to buy a new and charming garment for the Icewalker – after all, he could step up to the queen in his fighting and wood clothes if he wishes to impress her! But as it turned out, neither one of them was very experienced in picking the right combination (“Why not this pink trousers?” – “No, pink doesn’t go with green!” – “And how about orange…?”), so that Aujaq ended up wearing some dangerously tight red silk trousers paired with an ugly pink shirt that left not much room for imagination…
“Don not worry, my friend,” the Doctor said, “the two of us, your body and my wits, make at least one Hailong!”

Not quite as confident, Aujaq followed his companion to the queen, where the Doctor immediately started talking about this Ragara person. He could not quite follow the conversation, as the queen’s beauty was too stunning, so the Doctor assigned him to emphasize his speech with Aujaq’s well-toned body. Unfortunately, the whole stunt turned out to distract the queen more than they wished for and the Doctor’s speech was not as polished as usual, leaving the queen slightly confused.

But Aujaq did not give up so easily! Grabbing one of the queen’s servants (as he saw Hailong do during the festival), he commanded him with a stern voice to bring the wine he bought in the city and moved closer to his precious lady. It was time to put to use what he learned from his subtle companions.
“My queen”, he said, careful not to put too much flirt in his voice to not make her feel uncomfortable, “I remember you being eagerly interested in the ways and history of my folk and your beautiful city is home to a lot of old Icewalker sites. It would please me very much, if I could take you for a walk and tell you the interesting history of the ruins.”

And to everyone’s (especially Aujaq’s) surprise, the queen agreed and toured the city with a badly dressed Icewalker shaman – and a handful of guards. Aujaq didn’t even notice the hundreds of eyes staring at the odd couple from every corner of the city, as he had only eyes and ears for the beautiful queen and her smart questions about his tribe.

When she finally told him about a mean slaver, Master Keone, he did not even hesitate to promise her to take care of the menace – one way or the other. The queen had him completely wrapped around her finger; he would do anything at this point to please her majesty – and maybe intensify his relationship with her at some point…


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