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  • Karl Falke

    Son of Kerker founder, Warden Frederik Falke and Sorceress Margarethe Falke. Karl was a soldier in the war for Independence, and was there when Kerker Hall fire consumed the inmates, guards and his parents. After the loss of his hand he returned to …

  • Hilde of Siegsdorf (Dead)

    * Pious and dutiful daughter of Father Alt of Siegsdorf. * Scandal when she courted Teufel of Vendig. * Murdered Teufel and stole "The Abyssic Guide vol1" from Siegsdorf temple. * Missing in the wilds of Sturwoge, working with wichtel

  • Aldus Senex

    Adoptive father of Vladof Jord. Father of Teufel. Influential figure in Vendig society, and speaks for the city-father and gods of the Silver Heron faith.

  • Nctosa

    Discovered in the buried temple that had been forgotten under SIegsdorf. Eager to talk and offer assistance, but speaks in an unknown dialect of Old Realm which makes it very hard to properly communicate. Apparently a priestess of a Demon God? ' …

  • Margareth Falke

    * A graduate of the Heptagram school of Sorcery * Deceased mother of Karl Falke * Wife of Warden Frederik Falk * In life was the ward-maker of Kerker * In death is the guardian of Kerker Hall, binding the worst shades.

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