City Divided

Ascending Fire 21

After the Generals’ party

The doctor, Aujaq and Vlad try to work out what needs to be done
The Queen, The Vilkatas, or the Slaver Cynis Wou.
Much talking about what is more critical…
The name Cynis (Imperial Family) raises flags – is he a Dragonblood?
The next day they talk to Lady Raga Syn
Cynis is renowned for Slave, Intoxicants and Luxury trade
Ragara is the House given authority for trade in Belicht
They haven’t received requests from House Cynis…
How can we tell if he’s dragon blooded?
Dragon Bloods look different – purity of blood gives elemental markings.
She gives them a spell cord – Dragon of Smoke and Flame which will detect closest dragonblood.
Wou appears in all backgrounds – Elin, Queen Marlene, and Laima.
Need to investigate him more.

Dinner with Elin.

After a few nights, they gather for an indepth conversation
Aujaq makes “herbal” tea to put everyone more at ease
Ask more about her history with Cynis Wou. – what does he look like, act like, compatriots?
She makes a drawing of him – dark, bark-like skin, heavyset, frayed “rich” clothing.
She spent years in the Blessed Isle.
Cynis family “trains” slaves. Drugs to pacify, then loyalty excercises.
Cynis left the Isle with a handful of valuable slaves and his close retainers (pictures drawn)
“Scarface” vilkata has been with him since she can remember.
He has become an underworld figure in Reiherheim.
Everyone is dismayed “dragonblood…”
But sounds like Wou fled family problem, should have no backup.
They decide they have to go to Reiherheim to get a closer view and learn more.
Aujaq and the Doctor get into a heated discussion about the Queen and Demons.
Aujaq is most persuasive at the table
Demons are the Evil, influence and manipulate people, change their behavior.
People should be given a chance to prove themselves while free of influence.
Don’t kill people out of hand until we’ve removed demonic influence.
Queen is innocent! So are Laima and Hailong!
Vlad privately voices – willingly calling demons is worse than influence…

A City Divided.

Before leaving, Vlad bribes the Vendig harbormaster to be on the lookout for Wou’s retainers.
We’ll find out what trade he does, try to interrupt.
The river trip is long and nerve wracking – the crew is quiet and serious.
Arrival in the city is a shock, things have changed.
Armed guards move in groups – City guard, Scarlet Cloaks, and new “Azure Sentinels”.
The Doctor wants to see if the ghost of Warden Falke can help..

Streets of Chaos.

Doctor and Vlad go to visit the Cathedral of the Silver Heron.
The trip is dangerous – almost attacked a few times! Looted shops and burnt houses.
The blocks around the Cathedral are barricaded and patrolled by Scarlet Cloaks!
It is overrun with refugees.
They meet with High Lord Ulrich. Pleased to see them in these troubles times.
All started with the death of the King.
Many are unhappy with a commoner ruler – especially a ‘trophy wife’
Many try to rebel, Queen raises more soldiers, and imprisoning many.
Traders killed and robbed, food shortages and strikes.
The Church of the Silver Heron is doing what it can to protect the people.
The Azure Sentinels are Marlene’s private guard – all women, but brutal.
They are given a private room to contact the Warden.
Warden has been trapped since Kerker – months of darkness…
They reassure him that they return to Kerker, but he is too unhinged to help them.

A Final Meeting.

Aujaq goes to the palace to see the Queen’s innocence.
The Azure Sentinels patrol the gate – only let him in because of old signed papers.
Marlene is very happy to see Aujaq – a friend from before the troubles.
Private dinner with wine and gifts exchanged.
Queen is veiled and in black, mourning the loss of her husband.
Very affectionate towards Aujaq, has been thinking a lot of him, missing his company.
Gives a gift – an old tribal ceremonial blade.
Aujaq realizes this was weilded by the Draugr in the tomb…
Over the evening Aujaq is nervous and watches the Queen closely.
Spots some breaks in her expression – she is faking her emotions!!! Manipulating him!
Marlene asks for help, would he know old myths and history? Feels compelled to help…
But, Aujaq is suddenly scared and makes poor excuses to leave in a hurry.
Sees Marlene measure him with cold eyes as he leaves.

Replendant Fire 2

Join Battle

Ascending Fire 21

Plan of Attack

Want to avoid having thousands of hungry soldiers descend on Vendig
Laima makes plans to buy up foodstuff and ship by barge to Eisenshmide.
Take the armies to land at Headless cove, safe harbourage with loading dock.
Messages sent to merchants and blue lady – profits to be had!
Then they take the plan to General Arada
He’s quite happy with all this planning done for him. Agrees.

Scout in Force

They redezvous with Arada’s fleet and are impressed by the sheer scale of it all
Demi tasked to help maintain Warstriders. Learns about them
Laima tries to make an impression with the soldiers, Arada is pleased with the effort.
Hailong tries to hide from the men that once were hunting him (as a pirate)
The Advance force lands and starts building fort at Healdess Cove.
They need to take Eisenshmide to ensure supplies from Vendig can reach them easily.
Marching a whole army is slow, so Arada puts together a light force
500 skirmishes and 4 Warstriders sent with minimal supplies – forced march.
Takes 3 days to cross the Deshan mountain foothills, and get to Eisenshmide.

The Dragon Roars.

Arada’s scouts see little defense, other than some local guards on the gates.
They want to prevent word getting to the Jotunn for as long as possible.
Hailong will lead a force to the docks, while Laima will point out important people.
Arada orders a full charge – Allow no one to escape!
They descend on the town, Warstriders punch a hole through the walls.
15 Dragonblooded wield power and leap into battle, empowering the soldiers.
Skirmishers swarm through the town, taking townsfolk by surprise.
Townsfolk decimated, Skirmishers take minimal injuries
Those who surrender are tied up and captuered, those who flee are killed.

The Cult of the Old Lords.

Laima tells Arada of the tattoo’d cultists.
Soldiers check prisoners for tattoos, and starts executing them on sight.
Demi is shocked, complains unnecessary slaughter.
Arada “war is hell, everyonesuffers. Anathem endanger Creation!”
Laima and Hailong take a tattoo’d man away, and scare info out of him.
Tattoo was given for ‘special discount’ at The Longhouse. He’s no cultist.
He blames Alina, patron of the Longhouse. She made the offers.
They spy out Alina: another Vilkata…
The dragonbloods capture her.

Sorcerous secrets.

Hailong and Laima are suspicious, so they take tattoo’d man for examination.
Demi recognises patterns: like the strange wards in Kerker,
Also on the Wichtel in Siegsdorf and Creatures working with Hilde.
Also, Laima’s tattoo has same effect, similar symbols in pool under Siegsdorf
Tattoo binds the ghost – channels essence elsewhere.
Hailong is convinced, someone is setting them up.. People killed in town are fuelling some magic… Using people and war in north as distraction.
Demi suspects burning tattoo off will fix issue, needs to experiment on someone and wait for hungry ghost to appear.
They tell Arada about what this tattoo can do: he’s pissed.
Brought an army to kill the enemy, now has to avoid killing the enemy.

Gets sorceror to send messages to legions; Dig in, capture cultists.

Trio send message to Vlad: Send burn medication, do not kill tattoo’d people, their death fuels enemy. Enemy probably not in the north but hidden in plain sight.

Resplendent Fire 2.

The General Arrives

Descending Earth 17

Hiding out in Vendig

After their escape from Reiherheim, the group decided to lay low in Vendig and lick their wounds.
Michal and Regina have come home with Laima
Over the season of Wood, they all spend time preparing for the oncoming troubles
The Doctor and Vlad investigate how to “cleanse” the demon blood from Michal.
Pyotr spends his time hunting demon wolves, and thinking on how to investigate the Vilkatas
Mal spends time unravelling Elin’s story
– Enslaved by pirates.
– Sold to the guild and trained as an artisan/forger.
– Sold to House Cynis of the Realm.
– Given to King of Belicht as a present.
Laima spends the time cleaning the House of Waarches or Demonic influence.
Many months of effort, resulting in a leaner, more loyal house.
Demi spends time extracting herself from the patronage of Don Ricardo,
Builds up his own business and trading contacts.
Hailong spends much of his time in the arms of Lady Ragara Syn, who has taken him as a lover.

Over the season of Wood, they hear news from the north.
The King is dead, Queen Marlene ascends to the throne.
Resulting in much unrest throughout Belicht.
Elin Dahl is labelled the King’s murderer, and is wanted dead or alive.

The Realm Arrives.

Lady Ragara announces a welcoming banquet for 2 Imperial Generals.
Excitement rises in Vendig (along with prices) at news of 2 Imperial Legions approaching!
42nd under General Tepet Arada, 38th under General Tepet Lisara.
The Generals and their command staff arrive in Vendig a week before the Fleet arrives.

A Party to Remember.

Ragara Syn, Hailong and Laima throw a party to greet the Imperials.
Generals Arada and Lisara, with Dragonlord Ejava are in attendance.
Everyone who is anyone in Vendig society shows up.
Hailong flirts outrageously with Tepet Lisara, who is quite taken by this commoner :)
Demi corners Arada (who is uncomfortable with all this pomp)
– The pair get intoxicated on Demi’s “homebrew”.
– Demi pumps for information – learns about Orichalum
– Arada enjoys the old tinkerer’s company, and impressed by his chutzpah
Vlad asks Ragara Syn about the Vilkata demons – she is concerned about what they are.
– Also asks about the demonic influence in Reherheim.
– Syn advises to not bring this up with Arada, as a more targeted approach should be used.
Mal hangs around, listening for gossip.
– Tepet has some of the best trained Legions. In debt to Ragara for their supply.
– Tepet Fokuf has just been selected as Imperial Regent – rubber stamp for the House Lords.
– The House Lords are direct descendants of the Scarlet Empress.
– They are jockeying for power to claim the throne – no clear succession.

Ascending Fire 20

Demons Everywhere

Descending Earth 15 – morning

Day of troubles

After the taxing evening of running from Draugr, Augaq goes to the High Temple to ask some questions.
He tries to call to the City Father of Reiherheim – but the priests throw him out for “disturbing the peace” with his drumming.
Finally calls the City Father in the gardens outside – It’s not amused,
Aujaq asks about the godunder the castle, impressing that its involved in a danger to all
“The Forgotten” from before the rise of Belicht.
Was bound in its Sanctum – never came out and didn’t let anyone in.
The people and Gods of Belict ignored it, as it never bothered anyone.

Demi, Vlad and the Doctor explore a hunch about the bone.
Demi carries out her ritual to locate the Ghost of Warden Falke
Makes a “compass” jade needle floating on water
It points to the Royal Castle
Vlad and the Doctor research the bone in the Libraries of Reiherheim Academy.
The closest match they find is stories about Necromantic Rituals.
An inscribed bone made to trap a spirit – dark rituals and sacrifices are hinted at.
Only works while whole – releases spirits when broken.
Reminds The Doctor of rituals she read about in the books she took from Kerken
The “dark books” of Professor Gruft.

Mal Spends the day catching up with his sister Elin.
She was taken as a slave and trained as an artist.
Sold to the Royal House along with her friend Malene.
Malene began as a house servant – but became the queen!
The “Slaver’s” name is Cynis Wou.
The twins are known to Elin – The “pretty” one works for the Queen, the “rough” one for Wou.

Surprise Visitors

Mal hears someone knocking on Laima’s door in the Inn. The Looming Man from last night.
He listens at the wall…
Laima answers – its her 15yo son, Michal, grown very large in the last 6 months!
Michal was surprised by his Mother, and has come to talk to her.
He’s been running “House Waarches” interests in Reiherheim.
The letters brought by Vilkata every month have been followed exatly – and the House has prospered.
The medicines have also had their effect – he gives thanks for sending them.
Laima tries to hide her shock – she’s done none of these things
Michal gets suspicious, Laima calls for her “servants”
Mal comes and takes orders – to get “servant Vlad” to bring some refreshments for her guest.

Vlad brings water and bread, enters the room…
Michal recognised Vlad and is very suspicious – takes his leave.


All gather to share whats going on.
Laima explains how Vilkata has manipulated her family..
The common consensus is to get our of Reiherheim fast!
Difficulty is getting everyone out safely.
Laima demands that her family be taken to safety.
They agree on a plan…

The Escape

Mal, Demi and the Doctor uses the “floating jade compass” to track down the Necromantic Bone
Anders is en-route to the tomb.
Mal takes the quick approach, and offers bags of jade to Anders.
He takes the money, hands over the amulets/maps/bone and looks for a fast boat.

Aujaq, Pyotr and Elin head for the docks looking for a boat – fast escape
The rough surrounds and drunken sailors confuse them
They wait at ‘The Iron Gauntlet’ for the others to come..

Hailong goes to court to try to get Regina Waarches to raise the royal guard.
Sees the Queen talking to the two “demon women” who look about to leave
Regina doesn’t believe his ‘hearsay’, needs proof. He says talk to the queen.
Regina talks to Marlene, and returns looking angry.
Hai long tries to hold her at knifepoint – she turns the tables.
He is escorted to the Scarlet Cloak headquarters.

Vlad goes to theCathederal and finds Lord Ulrich
Tells him about the “demon incursion” in the city. Where to find the two demons.
Ulrich is convinced by Vlad’s information, raises a squad of Scarlet Cloaks..
Hailong and Regina arrive – Ulrich says the proof will be if the Demons are there!

The two Demons – ‘Courtier’ and ‘Rogue’ Vilkata’s are standing in the moonlight waiting for the others.
Ambushed by the Scarlet Cloaks.
“Rogue Vilkata” spots Vlad and gives him an evil glare, before discorporating…

Descending Earth 15 – midnight

Through the Moon Gate

Descending Earth 14 – midnight

The Dangers of Choice

With the information they gathered, Laima Vlad and the Doctor return to see the others waiting at ‘The Iron Gauntlet’.
In the short hours before midnight, they argue over what to do with this information.
Everyone agrees that they need to know what the true danger below Reiherheim is.
Stop Anders team, take their gear and replace them?
Sneak in after them?
Wait for the survivor to return and take their stuff?
The Doctor, Vlad, and Laima win the argument – no one can be allowed to disturb the Anathema’s Ghosts.
The three of them will meet Anders before he enters, and the others will wait for drawn swords to ambush if needed.

Surprise Visitors.

The 3 wait at the broken side of the Castle’s Mastaba base.
Anders saunters up – looks vaguely surprised by recognizes the doctor, walks over to talk.
“Sorry my friend, you are walking into a trap” she warns him.
Laima and Vlad providing scary occult details as to how dangerous the tomb is. How certain of death.
The job he is being paid for is mapping and drawing the interior –
They agree to do this job for him, and give him full credit (and payment).
Anders is convinced of their sincerity and compassion for Belicht – when his companions show up.
A woman carrying papers and charcoal pencils, and a heavily armoured youth.
Vlad does a double take – the woman looks very much like Mal. (Her name is Elin.)
Anders convinces them of the new plan, then asks for help convincing the ‘Twins’
Twins arrive and are immediately on guard at the crowd.
One is in practical craftsman gear, the other looks like a scarred vetran thug – but both look like Vilkata.
They are convinced of the new plan so long as Elin goes in to draw (she is a very good artist).
They will be waiting for the team’s return – they indicate their many weapons.

Through the Moon Gate

The others are called over and they all go through the Moon Gate (a flat wall under moonlight)
The Entrance Hall is lined with giant statues and a shattered doorway at the end of the chamber
With help, Aujaq understands the words in the chamber (written in ancient runes, but sounds like tribal language)

The 7 lords, their High King, and 2 gods (Moon and Sun) are in the chamber.
Tursas – Rembling Beast of Conquest – Bulls head
Ukko – Resplendant Bird of Fire – Peacock Tail
Raako – Watching eye of Midnight – Eye
Tuoni – Coiling Hand of Death- Snake
Ilmari – Architect of Eternal Wonder – Scepter/Tool
Kullervo – Thousand Veils of Vengeance – Mask/Crown
Louhi – Dancer of Night’s Splendour – Veil of Stars
Tapio – Auger of the Golden Dawn – Throne
Luna – Silver Moon of Change (black/White circle)
Ignis – Unconquered Sun (4 armed man in circle)

Aujaq senses a wounded spirit – guardian of the gate.
He complains bitterly that his sanctum has been forced open, and he wants to be left so suffer alone.
They hand out the 5 protection talismans – Elin, Aujaq, Vlad, Doctor, and Mal.

The Dead Walk.

The five go through the shattered gate, down stairs into a long curved corridor.
The walls are covered in relief carvings and inlaid with precious metals and jewels.
The map says to expect a large circle, with the down gate on the opposite side.
Elin (with guidance) spends time copying images from the wall.
Panel 1:In the beginning
First Ones were the primordeal makers who ruled Creation and the Gods
Ignis gives power to mortals – become Anathema.
The Anethema lead armies of Dragonblooded against the First Ones.
Panel 2: The War for Creation
Tapio leads a handful of Anathem and captures First One “Serpent who Bleeds the Unknown Word”
The Serpent is buried deep and the Exalts raise a mountain over it.
The Lords gather and take his Words of Power.

Now they are surprised by Draugr – dead servants of the Lords. Armed in ancient Icewalker style
They decide to beat a hasty retreat, sustaining only scratches and getting back to entrance.

Time to Leave

Pyotr, Laima and Demi wait in the Entrance hall.
Over the fears of Pyotr and Laima, Demi wanders around searching for Loot.
Demi finds a “loose” ring and breaks the statue’s finger to get it.
Interrupted by other 5 running in terror.
All rush out into the waiting arms of the Twins and companions.
Twins take back Elin, and the amulets.
They act surprised at the shocking information provided (dragon blood server Anathema!)
Vlad realises they were expecting this, they know more…

Desceding Earth 15 – dawn.

Historical News

Descending Earth 12

Smoky meetings

All meet back in the Blue Lady, trying to work out what should be done.
Some main things are decided after much back and forth.
- Ragara and the Realm must be informed about the Rise of the Old Lords (Anathema)
- Qheen Marlene needs to be informed about the Jotun invasion and slaughter in the north.
- Birgit (archaeologist) must be questioned about the ruins.
- Investigate the ‘Icewalker’ ruins under Reiherheim.

The Realm Moves

Laima, Hailong and the Doctor pay a visit to Lady Ragara Syn.
Hailong leads the discussion – Shows one of the “tattoed men” from Eisenshmiede.
Lady Syn agrees that Anathema are dangerous – promises to move mountains to get the Realm to act.
Asks Hailong to pass on a message to the King of Belicht – the Realm will act.

They all travel to Reiherheim

Hell hath no Fury

Aujac, Pyotr, and theDoctor pay an early visit to the Queen and Regina.
The qheen is overjoyed that they returned, and eager for news.
The inform her that the garrison has been slaughtered, and Jotuns have invaded.
The Doctor warns that Ragara has been informed of this already…
- Marlene is angry, but thanks the Doctor for this news.
Hailong enters to give his news – The “Realm Deliberative” sends a message – we are coming.
Marlene is obviously furious the the Realms is (again) ignoring her soverignity…
Leaves suddenly in the middle of the audience. Baron Giles dismisses them all, and runs after the queen.

Dark Words

Demi, Laima and Vlad go to the Reiherheim Academy to do research.
The Old Lords have scant information…
- A group of Anathema who conquered the The Deshan Peninsula
- Many ruins are around Belicht and the surrounding lands.
- Siegsdorf, Headless Cove and others were rules by “Lord Kullervo – The thousand veils of Vengeance”
- The Heptagram (realm sorcery acadamy) took many artifacs from Siegsdorf.
- The Temple of Reiherheim was a Monument of the Lords, deemed inactive.
- The 7 Lords had a “king”, which they assassinated before turning on each other.
- Myths talk of a war by Dragon-Bloods which killed many of the Lords. A body was returned to Belicht…
The Pyramid has little information
- It was a holy site for the ‘Icewalkers’ before the people of Belicht (Northmen) came.
- The Northmen built Reiherheim around the Temple – on command of the Silver Heron.
- The Palace of Reiherheim is build on top of the now broken pyramid.
- No entrance had ever been found – only scattered writing which hadn’t been translated.

h3. Harsh Words

Laima, Vlad and the Doctor go to interrogate Birgit.
She’s being kept in “The Hightower”. Captain of the Guard under orders to allow no one to enter.
He’s convinced to drag Birgit out for a short, supervised, talk.
- She is continuing her research from prison.
- Believed the pyramid was a monument to the Lords – historical find!
- There is a way to enter when the light of the full moon falls on the west walls
- Shocked when told an Anathema may be buried in inside.
- Disturbing the dead raises hungry ghosts -An anathema hungry ghost would be terrifying.
- Her notebook and maps are with Anders – making an expedition tonight

Descending Earth 14.

Conspiracies Unveiled

Descending Earth 1

Discussions in the Dark

Demi and the Doctor discuss their ongoing projects.
Demi learnt from Lady Margareth many occult secrets
She is on her way to deliver protection talismans she’s made to Ricardo Bauen.
Ask: Why is Ricardo avoiding the Church for these things – something big!
They plan to sneak a look at Ricardo’s plans.

Doctor meets Ricardo and disrtacts him with questions and ideas.
Demi uses the time to sneak into Ricardo’s office
Searches quickly through papers – finds a note attached to invoices.
Specialists hired to go to under Reiherheim Castle? Queen Marlene involved?
A “Geomantic Compass” on his desk – reacts to the Talismans on Demi.
Demi reads some names of the “specialists” for later questioning.

Doctor manages to give Demi time to escape -
Ricardo agrees to set up meeting with Cynis Wou, to examine ‘livestock’.

Giant problems.

After a restful night, they take their horses out towards the Black Arrow Fort.
Pyotr is able to recognize the signs – Jotuns (aka, stone giants)
Aujaq remember her tribes dealings with the Jotuns -very carefully :)
Jotuns are long lived with long memories – and sticklers for ‘proper dealings’
They start the ritual of greeting – and eventually come upon a waiting Jotun.
Pyotr asks for his old friends – and told thye were mostly “returned to the earth”
He leaves to stop himself saying something inflamatory.
The Jotun have returned to reclaim their ancient lands – dont like the humans.
They claim all the mountains (including the mines)
Hailong makes impassions plea for negotiation..
Jotun refuses – “you have nothing we want” – but is moved.
He warns – “we are just the first, the Lords will return”
Aujaq noticed a carving on the Jotun – symbol of the 7 Lords – Anathema!

In search of a good Burglar.

The Doctor and Demi track down one of the specialists: Anders.
Anders is a competitor of Mal – who redistributes “hard to get” goods.
With the help of Sayuri (courtesan) they hatch a plan to get Anders to talk.
Demi talks as “a fellow conspirator of Ricardo” to Anders.
There have been a number of expeditions to map the catacombs.
Only able to enter on nights of a full moon.
Anders is a replacement, many others have already died – but well paying.
The ‘brains’ is Birget, who is solving the traps and puzzles found.

The Doctor and Demi pray to Koda – send a message to Aujaq to return!

The Slow Boat Home

Koda come to Aujaq with a message – return to Vendig to help the queen!
Safe way back is to wait for the Iron and Food ship.
The trip is ludicrously expensive, but a safe trip downriver, making stops.
Pyotr and Hailong are sulking – plotting revenge against the Jotnar.
Laima and Aujaq note the Iron shipment – 2/3rd gets sent to the mountains.
Jotnar appear to take the Iron – remains get to the boat.

They relax on the trip to Vendig. Plotting to call in the Wyld Hunt

Descending Earth 4

The Dark Forest

Resplendant earth 20

At the Queen’s Command

With the news that there is a new “Lord Bauen”, the crown calls on the lands new administrators…
The King is frail and sounds a bit senile, Queen Malene takes command.
The last Lord Bauen had assistance with some royal guardsmen. They haven’t been heard from since.
Go and report – they went to the town of Eisenshmiede.

Remote town in Blutberg region – discuss either follow the slow winding river barges, or make a fast trip.

The Dark Forest

They decide to spend a few days sailing to Siegsdorf, then buy horses and equipment to ride north to Eisenshmiede
Neither Laima or Mal are used to these trips – badly overequipped and encumbered.
Pyotr tries to lead them along the winding forest paths, but some slight mistakes makes the trip longer than intended.
After a week, they make the horrific realization they have wandered into Demon-Wolf territory…
Spend the next day and night trying to evade some demon wolves shadowing them, but they attack in site of the town.
Three giant wolves attacking from mist-banks.
Mundane weapons seem to have no effect – Koda leaps forward to occupy the wolvesdown to allow the party to escape.
Vlad realises these are “predator demons” and wounds a horse and sends it running…
The Demon Wolves are drawn by the smell of blood and race to bring down the wounded horse.
Pyotr uses one of the 5 remaining “ghost slayer” arrows, it pierces a demon which burns away in silvery light.
While the remaining two wolves rip apart the horse, everyone rides madly for the town.
As dawn breaks they reach safety behind the walls of Eisenshmiede.

Cold Reception

They have breakfast in the local inn “The Slaughtered Lamb”.
Local miners are eating and preparing for work – fall silent when the party entered.
Laima tries appealing to “anti royal” sentiment – the locals look on angrily.
The innkeep gives them a room (charges a week upfront…)
The sleep the morning, relieved to be out of the forest.
That evening they emerge to a quiet and damp town. Rain and mud.
Mal seeks out some more familiar company – “the Longhouse” seems to be the local den of iniquity.
Vlad examines the town – unwarded – but evidence of Elemental activity.
Pyotr sets out to visit the Fort up the mountain to visit his old companions from ‘The Black Arrow Company’
Stops before reaching – evidence of giant tracks, and the Fort appears empty – no burning fires
Aujaq tries to call on the local Gods, but the town god is very unwelcoming.
“we dont need your help, we’ve made arrangements, go home.”
Laima spends the afternoon people watching – everyone seems tense, expecting something horrible to happen.

Slaves in all but name

At dinner they share what they have learnt.
Note that the returning workers give them a wide berth – outsiders unwelcome.
Mine Overseer is from Vendig – House of Bauen!
During the uncomfortable dinner, Mal notices some locals shifting clothes to hide something…
… A tattoo which Vlad recognizes – Mark of the Ancient Lords. Familiar from the Demon temples!
There are a lot with this symbol, but everyone hiding it.
Some evening observation shows these marked people get free entry into “The Longhouse”.
They retire for the evening, afraid of what they have walked into.

Resplendant earth 30

Secrets and Seductions

Resplendant Earth 8

Blood will Flow

  • As the snows and frost are melting away, Laima Mal and Hailong are diving into planning for their busineses.
  • Aujaq and the Doctor both begin sparring practice (more running for the Doctor…)
  • The annual “melt festival” begins in Vendig. ‘As the waters run, so must blood for the harvest to prosper’
  • House Ragara (and Lady Ragara Soras Syn) sponsor many of the festivities.
  • Hailong and Aujaq participate in a number of arena fights.
  • Lady Syn (after investigating backgrounds) calls Mal and Laima to talk about a possible deal.
  • She wants some heavy goods smuggled into Vendig, very cagey about contents.
  • Mal and Hailong agree to the extra smuggling as a “favor” to Ragara.
  • Hailong sweeps in and seduces Lady Syn – able to get more information from her.
  • - The Scarlet Empress has gone missing, Houses are nervous and shifting assets around
  • - Ragara is strengthing its influence in the north of the Blessed Isle.
    Vilkata and Laima see great potential in this rising unrest.

Royal Seduction

  • They travel north to Reiherheim to visit Queen Malene
  • The Doctor and Aujaq hatch a plan to seduce the queen (copying Hailong’s efforts)
  • Aujaq is dressed in the finest Reiherheim fashions and perfumes.
  • They meet with the queen, and the Doctor “reveals” snippets of information about Ragara.
  • The Queen hates foreign influence in Belicht, orders the Doctor to uncover more.
  • Aujaq tries his seduction – touring the city with the queen.
  • He becomes more infatuated with the queen and her inquiries about Icewalker history/traditions.
  • Aujaq learns of a Realm Slaver ‘Master Keone’ who is despised by Malene… And aims to remove him to please the queen

A Noble Investigation

  • Mal, Hailong and Laima investigate the Iron Mines of House Bauen.
  • They meet with Chancellor Giles, talk about the responsibilites of Nobility, and how Bauen is failing.
  • Allowed to research the Noble lineage – Bauen is a bought title from a second son…
  • Frederick, son of the eldest has a stronger claim – but is a town guard unaware of heritage.
  • Mal tracks down this drunken guard – who owes money to rought sorts.
  • Mal buys out the debts and they find where Frederick lives.
  • Laima sends the wife and child to a fancy hotel, and the others clean up the hovel…
  • Frederick is ‘convinced’ to bring his claim to the Royal Court in exchange for being setup in Vendig.
  • Frederick Bauen is moved to Vendig and setup with a monthy stipend.
  • The Blue Dragon Benevolent Association now owns title to an Iron Mine in Blutberg.

Resplendant Earth 18

Return to Headless Cove

Year 438, the 8th of Ascending Earth – Storm Season

Stormy Seasons

  • Storm Season has been slowly coming to a close.
  • Birgit is currently rotting in Queen Malene’s dungeons
  • The East Belict Trading Company now has a core of experienced sailors and a number of ships.
  • Still hemmoraging money because of the need to hire crews constantly.
  • The Doctor has been trying to visit the Queen regularly and be helpful
  • The King is suffering from “Painter’s Colic”, with worsening palsy and bouts of madness
  • Pyotr and Vlad have been investigating the stories from Bosewald and the mountains.
  • Northbound caravans have been dissappearing, stories of giants in the forests.
  • Pyotr’s old unit, ’Hase’s Rangers’, have been called up to a northern Border-Fortress.

Early Celebrations?

  • Mal and Hailong invest in the East Belict Trading Company – buy an extra ship and begin outfitting.
  • Hailong accepts the deal with Lady Ragara Syn.
  • Hailong throws a celebration for the company at the new regular shipment contract!
  • When the others go over the fine print they realise the deal was a little too good
  • …as a missed delivery would mean loss of the company and being sold into slavery
  • They travel to Siegsdorf to meet with Captain Heinrich, convince him to join up with the EBTC.
  • Extra ship and regular payment is very appealing.

Voice of the Statue

  • Vlad, concerned with unanswered questions, leads an outing back to Headless Cove
  • The found the abandoned pirate base behind the statue – evidence of demon worship.
  • They go back into the old Manse, and examine the puzzle-wall.
  • Hailong, Pyotr, and Mal all start hearing the praying voice… The Doctor still doesn’t hear anything.
  • The voice recites the saga’s of the “first ones”.. and realizes it has an audience.
  • Everyone runs as the voice starts trying to address them.

Back in Vendig

  • Vlad and Mal investigate Lady Ragara Syn.
  • She’s been making social appearances when invited, but brings 2 demon bodyguards (Baidak)
  • Hailong is approached with information from the companion Neishin.
  • There are way more Ragara soldiers in Vendig than are publicly known…

Ascending Earth 15


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