Imperial Entanglements

Descending Fire 26


Vlad: to hunt down Vilkata
Pyotr: to deal with the Elemental uprising.
Hai-Long: to secure “his” iron mine from Elementals
Docto: to revel in her newfound power.
Demi: to fulfill old promises made
Susine: explore Vendig and the “civilized” folk.

Go North

The Doctor sends messengers to Sijan – Morticians will be needed asap!
Demi and Pyotr join her in travelling north to Kerker.
Relaxing week’s ride north to Reiherheim.
The ride through the deep forest is taxing and nerve wracking.
Nearly spotted by a Jotunn patrol! They are travelling south.

Imperial Invite

Hailong and companions are invited to a Ragara “celebration”.
Ragara Soras (head of House) is visiting his daughter. (Lady Syn)
The comanions prepare and dress for the occassion – finest people there!
All are uncomfortable surrounded by Realm patricians and dragonblooded.
Vlad tries to act humble, Hai-Long stays with Ragara Syn.
Susinen cloaks herself in her power and clouds everyone’s mind.
She listens and watched – intrigued by Ragara Soras’ “protocol demon”.
Overhears new on her companions – “Known pirate and demonic dabbler”
They are summoned (with lady Syn) to a private audience with Soras.

Long awaited release

Pyotr, Demi and Doctor arrive in Kerker. Looks to have prospered.
Carl has married Agatha – new mayor of town in big house!
They visit Margareth, and release Warden Falke – happy reunions!
Revelation – Kerker is center of a shadowland, Prison is in underworld!
With Warden’s return, town no longer needs blood sacrifice.
Celebrations all around – welcomed and cared for the trio!


Ragara Soras knows their past – pirate Hailong, dabbler Vlad.
He shares that politics in the Realm have shifted – Tepet no more favored.
Imperial Navy is withdrawing – no support for the Tepet Legions in Belicht
Soras tells daughter – come home, or make your expedition earn coin!
He asks Hai-long – are you still a good pirate? Can you obtain things for me?
Like the soon to be abandoned goods of the Tepet Legions.

Lessons from the Dead

Demi and the Doctor explain their new power to Margreth.
Margreth is excited – offers to help and teach them
She was a Heptagram sorceror in life, and knows many secrets.
While the town celebrates, Demi learns the language and practice of Sorcery from Margreth.

Ascending Air 8

Vendig Redux

Descending Fire 14

Destruction of Property

Demi is frantic, desperately needs Orachulum, but none is freely available.
She asks Queen Marlene – will she permit the dissassembly of these artifacts?
Marlene is flattered by the implication of ownership and authority.
“Anything for the good of the people of Belicht!”
Demi starts examining how to pull apart the Sarcophagus.
Susinen is intrigued, and asks why it is so important..
The plague can spread, and kill anyone, even in the wild people and animals!
Susinen reluctantly agrees to lend her aid in this endeavor.
Demi salvages the Orachulum from inside the Sarcophagus, leaving it broken.

Return to Vendig

Queen Marlene says she will happily provide fitting lodgings should they return.
They return to Vendig via horseback, but find the city closed up – with plague warnings.
Demi, Susinen and Pyotr head for the Doctor burnt estate to hide and prepare.
Vlad and Hai-Long have business in town, and agree to meet tomorrow morning.

A Dangerous Reunion.

Hai-Long is concerned how Ragara Syn has heard the news of his exaltation…
He sneaks and swims through the canals of Vendig, to the Ragara holdings.
He surprises here reading letters from the Blessed Isle.. She is cautious.
He lays it on the line – he is an anathema, but still in love with her.
They agree that they will stay together in Vendig, and try to stop the plague…
Hai-Long admits his associates have a cure, but need demon blood…
She promises to bring a demon to the Burnt Estate tomorrow.
But the night is for them – fade to black…

Holy Visitations.

Vlad brazenly asks the guards for entry.
They are confused – but let him into the plague town.. Wont let him out again.
Sneaks through town to his house – sees various problems with the quarantine.
Goes to the Cathedral to speak to Lord Ulrich – and see the Silver Heron slowly healing
Ulrich is ecstatic at the news of a cure. Promises to help distribute!

Questionable practice

The following day sees everyone gathered at the Burnt Estate
Raraga Syn arrives in a sorcerous whirlwind – accompanied by her Demonic Bodyguard.
Demi has everything prepared, but needs the Demon Blood – She asks it’s permission.
Vlad and Syn are exasperated – “Its just a demon, it does what its told.”
The Demon (Baidak)looks at Demi for a moment before kneeling and cutting its arm.
While Demi Works, Syn is cautiously trying to get to know the Exalts.
Demi is concerned at the end of the day – the Demon is almost bled out and unsteady.
He asks on the best way to care for the demon during its recovery…
Hai-long just puts it out of its misery – by slitting its throat.
Demi is shocked.

Delivery with a smile.

The Exalts and Ragara Syn discuss plans for the cure.
Laima works out how to best deliver the Cure around town to reach everyone.
She provides instruction and equipment
Vlad, with the help of Syn and Ulrich, sets up distribution points at Churches.
Over the following days much of Vendig receives the cure.
Pyotr and Susinen lead Ragara troops aroud town to clean up the dead bodies
At the end of the week over half Vendig is burnt down in controlled fires.
Along with mass graves outside.

Laima’s reputation is greatly increased by this Cure.
She and House Waarches are loved by all Vendig citizens…

Descending Fire 26

Legacy of the Lords

Descending Fire 13

New Friends

They are standing looking at their changed statues
The person appears who resembles the last statue: Susinen
‘The stars led me, I come to destroy the invaders’.
Demi makes overtures of friendship with his special brew.

The gateway god is found near dead – the queen is here.
Aujaw lets Koda eat and take its place.
Koda changes – grows larger and now wears golden armor.
He shares, ‘I see the intruders, 4 people walk the history corridor.’

Old Friends

They go through the corridor filled with carvings.
The Draugr stand and watch. The doctor approaches.
They bow – we welcome your return, and serve.
They come across the intruders: Marlene, Birgit, and guards.
Vlad uses a charm, sees two immaterial demons.
Vlad attacks and kills – queen command all to stop.
Marlene was unaware of demons, wants explanation
Vlad explains birgit’s collaboration – she is dismissed.
Vlad kills her too. Then reads the locked door
Rightful ruler’s blood opens – Marlene enters.


Chamber is below the entry hall.
10 sarcophagi line the walls, made of precious metals and gems.
Queen Marlene explains she has come to reclaim their secrets.
Tries to open the last sealed door.
The doctor and Vlad are highly suspicious. Hear voices…
Adjaq and Hai-Long examining the sarcophagus.
The Caskets are strong mystical links to each of them.
When entered, they check the soul health…

Vlad, Pyotr, the Doctor and Hai-Long rerun upstairs.
They read the inscriptions – the history of the exalts.

Mal is still trying to get a hearthstone for the Warstrider.
Demi Has a feeling for the building – hearth lies below them.
Mal forces the last door open with his charms.

The dead past.

The voice they have been hearing is a ghost.
‘Louhi’, ex-exalt.
She explains she is trapped in here accidently – died in here.
The walls of the room stop the dead from passing through.
Inside is also one of the dead First One. (but it still wakes up occassionaly)
Asks them to briefly open the ward – remove the hearthstone.
Arguments over what to do, dont want to leave her, but dont want to open…
Finally agree to come back quickly,but leave Koda for conversation

They leave, Koda seals the Temple behind them

Descending Fire 14


Descending Fire 5

The Artifact

Mal and Demi realise what they have just achieved.
– Stolen a priceless artifact from the Legions!
They refuse to give it back. They try to camouflage it.
With some effort, they hide it in what appears to be a wooded hill.
They can hear sounds of approaching soldiers, so they run…
The one place the Doctor would go – the burnt down old estate.

Abandoned Estate.

The Meet up with the doctor who is surveying her old home.
Uncover the old cellar – untouched by the earlier fire.
Filled with surgical and alchemical tools – and jars with “things” in them.
They discuss what happened – they are Anathema.
They need to find the others, at least to explain to them.
Agree that should they be divided, this Estate would be the rendezvous.
Sneak through the forest to meet back at Vlad’s apartment.

Godly Dilemma

Hailong, Vlad and Aujaq stumble out of the Undercity into the Cathederal.
Vlad leaves Ulfbertsson with the others – and runs home!
They put the near-death Silver Heron on the altar and try to help.
Aujaq calls on Koda, who begrudgingly arrives and asks what is needed.
Koda examines the Silver Heron – and says she is near Death.
Offers to end her suffering, and take up her responsibilities.
– very convincing argument, Hailong agrees.
Aujaq is torn, and just manages to stay true to his convictions
He commands Koda to help return The Silver Heron to life – caste mark glowing!
Koda is intimidated by the new Exalt, Agrees to help.
He leaves with Uflbertsson to get the priests.

They leave to catch up to Vlad…

Regroup and Decide

Through various means, all the companions have returned to Vlad’s apartment.
Vlad looking very sick – explains his wounds and stabbing
– shows the “needle” covered in demon mother’s milk
The doctor quickly assesses Vlad as a patient zero potential.
Uses the last batch of cure cooked up by Demi – to cure Vlad!
She spends the next hour poking and prodding his injuries, and sewing him up.
They all share what has happened – and that they have all become Anathema!
Vlad explains how his father – Bishop Aldus – is behind all the demon summoning.
They heatedly discuss possible future activities.
– get more demon blood and Oraculum to make demon plague cure.
– join their friends sent to Siegsdorf – get out of Vendig!
– learn more of their past in Rieherheim temple manse
– Keep quiet and avoid the attention of the Legions.
– Get a Hearthstone to power the Warstrider they have hidden.
Agree that staying in Vendig right now, with an enraged Legion, is stupid.
First steps is to sneak out of Vendig, and into Rierherheim to learn of their past.

Flee to Freedom.

They decide that staying on a boat is dangerous, they decide on horses.
Mal and Vlad approach a horsetrader – business is booming with escapees.
While Vlad haggles for a farmer’s cart, Mal makes off with more horses!
They ride for a week, staying off the main trails to avoid other travellers.
Reiherheim is under guard – gates are closed and patrolled.

Hailong and Vlad take the horses to a nearby farm and ask for help.
Hailong uses his new power to inspire belief in the farmlady
– she agrees to hide the horses from the Queensguard for free
– glad to help those in need against her rule.

Mal finds a spot on the wall where the patrols are rare, and jumps over!
He throws ropes down to help the other climb us (Demi gets injured..)
They sneak through the darkened city – curfew going on, and heavily patrolled.
Given the information from Bishop Aldus, they spy on the Queensguard.
Aujaq sees clearly – the Queensguard are spirit-blooded – superhumans.

The Temple or the Lords.

At the base of the castle, Aujaq calls on Koda once again.
Koda is nervous – he seems to realize that all of them are more than human now.
They ask Koda to open the Moon-gate.
He grudgingly agrees “its your temple anyway”
They all thank and give respect to Koda as they enter – he is much cheered :)
When they enter the first hall, they notice the statues have changed…
The 10 statues no longer show the old figures… But their own!
The can recognize all their own faces and clothes – and that of Queen Marlene.

Descending Fire 13


Descending Fire 5

Undercity Revelations

Pyotr and Hail-Long exalt in a bonfire of light.
Pyotr – Monsters roam this world, destroy them!
Hai-Long – The Innocent are held in thrall by the power and wealth of the unjust – take it from them!

Pyotr and Hai-long barrel into the pair of Blood-apes – one manages to pummel Pyotr, who then slides between its legs and shoot a blazing holy bolt into it – destroying it, while Hai-long vaults of other other demon, plunging his now glowing dagger deep into its neck, decapitating it.

They enter the temple heart – seeing a now familiar glowing pool surrounded by cultists, a tattered Silver Heron held by sorcerous bindings above the pool, and a demon Neomah holding a lifeless child.
Hailong holds them in place with a speech on his judgement of them and they beg for the Demon to be spared, Pyotr begins to destroy the bindings, while Vlad (who had entered the room from another direction) charges in to kill the Demon.

The demon mortally wounded by Vlad, but in it’s final breath it curses Vlad as a traitorous child, then stab Vlad in the armpit with a long needle, dripping with demonic venom…

As the Cultists scatter, and they unchain the unconscious God, they realize what they have become – Anathema!

A precarious situation

Mal, Demi, and the Doctor manage to cure the soldier – but all around are in shock, staring at the now glowing trio. Tapet Lisara goes pale as she backs away from them.
The Doctor tries to explain – we’ve cured him, we can cure them all!
Lisara lays the blame for the plague on the Anathema – you seek to trick us to gain our trust, NEVER!
They run…
The Doctor manages to scamper through the camp – now waking up to screams of panic. – and into the forest. But Demi is confused by the panicked looks on faces and get turned around and lost in the confusing sea of tents and sleeping soldiers. She is held at bay by a trio of shaking soldiers with spears “Submit to the Justice of the Realm”..
… before Mal appears – glowing with light – and whicks Demi away “Sorry to intrude” .

In the confusion, they can’t work out a safe way out of the camp, until Demi sees the inactive Warstriders in the center of the camp – they make a run for them.

They are just strapping in when a pair of Dragonbloods appear – Lisara with her skin of stone, and another officer covered with sparks of lightening.

While Mal is fumbling with straps, his eyes are locked with the angry Dragonblood building up a massive ball of sparking power. Until Demi – now locked inside the Warstrider – swats the dragonblood who flies through tents and soldiers, leaving a trail of sparks and blood in his wake.

As Lisara runs away in fear, Mal vault to the shoulder of the Warstrider and guides Demi through the camp – a tower of Metal and Jade ploughing through the Imperial camp and straight through the wooden pallisades as if they were not there. Then into the forest, leaving a trail of broken and scattered trees.

Once the immediate panic dissapates, they collapse deep in the forest, Demi unable to keep up the taxing commitment to the Warstrider

Descending Fire 5


Descending Fire 2

Preparing for the Worst

Mal, Hailong, Pyotr and Aujaq gather in the Blue Lady.
All are tired and concerned – the streets are ringing with prayers for help.
Blue Lady staff have gone into siege mode – collecting clean food and water etc.
After hearing news from Laima, they decide to prepare.
Hailong and Mal use their connections. Help the others.
Smuggle out of Vendig – a few ships of wealth, people, goods.

Where is Vlad?

Pyotr, Aujaq and the Doctor head to the Cathederal
Carefully make their way through the plague-ridden streets of Vendig
They examine the remains of the pastorage where Aldus and Vlad had been.
The doctor cant get any further information from the charred remains there.
Aujaq calls the City-Father – getting along splendidly.
Learn that Aldus had been “hidden from sight”
Was a regular occurence for many decades – Offers to help investigate.
Blessed Aujaq – the city will help you in your search.
They follow Laimas directions, and find the secret doorway to Undercity

Experimental Cures.

Mal, Demi and the Doctor continue their experimentation.
Getting some progress, but using more dangerous ingredients.
“Demon Blood” being donated by Mikael Waarches.
Demi gets assistance from Tepet Lisara – scrapings of Orachulum!
Still needs to perfect the brewing of the concoction and more patients needed.

Bring the Big Guy.

Pyotr and Hai-long go to see Ragara Syn.
The Ragara house in vendig is also preparing for the worst.
They explain the possible demonic/cult problem under vendig, they need help.
Syn orders her Demon Bodyguard to accompany Hai-Long.
It is a giant suit of porcelain and brass armour – with pulsing red eyes.

Into the depths.

Aujaq, Hai-long and Pyotr descend into the depths – after the Demon that is.
Pyotr picks up a trail on the dusty floor.
They sneak along dark old stone passages, under the riverbed.
The architecture reminds them of Headless Cove and Siegsdorf temple.
Come to a storage room – somewhere under the center island of Vendig.
They hear and attack some cultists – short work except for the Blood Ape.
In the ensuing melee, Aujac accidently spears Koda, and the Demon Guard looses an arm
Blood ape gets bigger and angrier – Pyotr uses one of his few silver arrows..
Mess on the walls after exploding demon.
The rukus attracts attention of two more Blood Apes.
The trio charge into battle – determined to rescue Vlad – surrounded by light.

Enlightening success

Demi and the Doctor make what they feel is the final product with Mal’s ingredients
They take it to the Imperial encampment to test out.
The watch, in sudden brilliance, as the soldiers fever breaks..

Descending Fire 5


483 Resplendant Fire 23

Old Favours

Frederick Bauen – the nightwatch guard “rescued” comes looking for help.
Noticed he is sweaty and tired – his child is sick and help is too expensive.
Doctor offers to help.
Visit his house deep in the poor quarter.
Daughter is ill – symptoms of “Mother’s Milk”.
Number of priests and others have tried to help, to no avail.
She was playing with the kids near the Imperial Legion’s camp.
Doctor calls for quarantine, and send people to search.

Army of troubles.

Laima, Mal and Pyotr go to the encampment.
Surrounded by merchants and peddlers and curious people
There are many soldiers who look like they are falling sick.
The “sick tents” are all full.
Talk to Tepet Lisara – she becomes worried and starts emergency actions.
Calls for their Doctor to come inspect.
Learn that the illness started after some peddlers were selling cheap food
Confiscated one “cart”. It belongs to a merchant working for Ricardo.
Laima sends her guards to “collect” this merchant.

Spreading trouble

Mal and Pyotr head to the church to find the priests who may be infected.
Church has many people around it – many praying.
Mal investigates – praying for help for sick family and loved ones.
Scarlet Cloaks are keeping the masses out of the church
Lord Ulrich is here, warned by his God that trouble is coming. (is here!)
Needs help convincing Bishop Aldus to act – asks them to get Vlad.


Doctor, Demi and Vlad return to the encampment – in full gear.
Confirming that the ill soldiers are falling to the white plague
Tell Lisara of the source of this plague – she is pissed!
Vlad takes 10 soldiers to capture Chen and the boat.
Demi and the Doctor stay and start examining the soldiers.

Taking its Toll

Mal and Vlad go to Chen’s boat tied up in the old docks.
No one seems to be guarding, they storm aboard.
Inside the crew have been slaughtered.
Rotting body parts, and lots of milky liquid over the inner hold.
Vlad orders the boat burnt

The guards have collected the food merchant – he’s dead.
Laima quickly sees the signs – milky residue, lumps, lack of breathing… :)
She checks out his shop – someone put a plague sign over the door.
Rotten meat inside, along with a small runed idol, and instructions.
Intructions for meat pickup – the broken keep in the poor quarter.

The Search for Health

Pyotr, Mal, Demi and the Doctor are all scrambling to find a cure.
7 Bounties Paste would do the trick, but expensive and rare.
Trying to find local ingredients to replace.
Pyotr out collecting herbs and animal parts.
Mal “aquiring” expensive ingredients
Demo mixing, Doctor trying on soldiers.
All working round the clock, to the edge of exhaustion.

Where’s Vlad?

Laima has been trying to keep the merchants of Vendig inline.
Few instances of infected coinage, but plague is spreading still.
Vlad has been missing, she seek him out for assistance.
Met by the crowds and Ulrich.
Ulrich is nearly broken – mobs forming outside.
Crowds of paniced and ill people demanding help – blaming the priests.
Aldus’ house was attacked and burnt down.
Aldus, and Vlad, are presumed dead – bodies burnt beyond recognition.
Laima is suspicious and keeps Ulrich talking.
In the silent cathederal, Laima notices drag marks in front of the altar.
She leaves to get the others…

483 Descending Fire 2

Dangerous Discoveries

483 Resplendant Fire 18

Return to the Blue Lady

The companions share the events of the last weeks.
Lady Ragara Syn shares her research about “Vilkata”
– Demon called “Sarru, the twisted words”.
– Twist minds to fullfill summoner’s desires.
– sow treachery and discord all around.
Harbormaster gives word – ‘Red Storm’ is docked
– Captain Chen, supplier for Cynis Wu.
– Red Storm was last seen fleeing Headless Cove.
Doctor and Demi present their tattoo removal technique
– strong acid that burns off the top layer of skin.
Demi scry’s using Laima tattoo
– Runic Circle gathers power under Vendig. Cultists praying
Demi seeks refuge in a bottle

Research the Old City.

Laima and the Doctor pay a visit to the Vendig Cathederal
Try to research old history of Vendig.
Books are not in any logical order, and constant interruptions.
After a fruitless, dusty day in the stacks they leave.
The Doctor notices one acolyte following them.
They find it hard to lose their tail in the winding streets.
Doctor tries to make a run, and get stuck in a crack between two buildings.
The Acolyte/Cultist corners Laima, threatens her
– stop putting your nose where its not wanted, or you might loose it.
Laima throws the “tattoo removal” and strikes his face.
The two run for it, leaving the screaming Cultist in the street…

Secretive Cargo

Mal, Vlad and Hailong pay a visit to the old docks.
Quiet area on north of city, run down and seedy.
They spot Chen, follow him making various deliveries around the Poor quarter.
Vlad takes a high lookout, and cover the others
– there are lookouts around the Ship, watching who pays undue attention.
Hailong gathers some of his ladies and distracts them.
Meanwhile, Mal rows along the river and creeps onboard.
Explores the hold, finds poisons, drugs, crushed spiders, and a locked chest
Silver coins and sealed vials are inside the chest – Mal takes them.
They leave the old docks and join up with Laima and the Doctor.

Petition the City Father.

Aujaq visit the City Father’s sanctum.
Calls out for help – warns about the Cultists beneath the city.
“The undercity is hidden from me, but I will light your way”.

A Dangerous Test

Back in the backroom of the Blue Lady.
Recognize the spider – Rasp Spiders from the east.
– fermented poison acts as a very strong preservative.
– properly diluted and treated, the poison acts as a concentration boost.
Silver coins are coated with a slightly sticky residue.
Drugs are mundane, but the vials are curious.
Vlad gets a pewter plate and some lamp oil – pours a vial into the plate.
The milky liquid looks innocuous, but Vlad and the Doctor draw conclusion..
– sealed and carefully packed – dangerous to handle.
– “Mother’s Milk”, a dangerous demonic poison – feeds plague and death.
Plate is immediately filled with lamp oil and burnt.
Everyone drops the coins, and the remaining vials are destroyed in a smithy!
Laima immediately takes the names of the merchants Chen was dealing with.
Spreads the words – use gloves when counting money, check coins for residue.

483 Resplendant Fire 19

The Walls Come Down

483 Resplendant Fire 3

Scouting the Fortress

Arada frustrated. Lesser evil to eliminate Jotuns, than leave them grow.
Arada needs the fortress scouted to determine enemy number.
Ejava sent with a small band of men, with Pyotr+co providing guidance.
Pyotr guides them up the mountainsides rather than through the valley.
Few days of difficult terrain (Laima not used to rough living) avoid Jotunn watchers.
Ejava lends power – makes them slip easily through the foest unseen.
Laima spotted and setupon by a ‘ForestWraith’ elemental guard.
Closly fought, byt they kill it, leaving Hailong heavily wounded.
Ejava eases his wounds, and Pyotr finds a point to climb inside the walls.

They get an overview of the Fortress.
10 Jotun, and 20 of the Forestwraiths.
Spot a Jotunn making “jotunn-sized” armor and rivetting it onto another.

The Trials of Demi

Demi is terrified of the death and killing, wants to free the tattoo’d people.
Wants to test how removing a tattoo will work.
Spends some time trying to find the “most undeserving” of the tied up villages.
Settles on a town drunk and ruffian. Orders Legionaires to drag him out kicking and screaming
Secured in a warehouse, made very drunk, then Demi burns off the tattoo.
After he passes out in pain, Demi orders him killed, then tied up.
He wards the body heavily, and then settles to wait three days for the ghost to rise.
Finds solace in a bottle over those three days…

At midnight on the third day, the hungry ghost arises.
The Legionaires rip it apart, but everyone is shaken.
Demi buries the man, and declares him a hero for his sacrifice.
Demi reports that the burning works – Arada gives permission to continue.

The townsfolk are lined up and left with heavy burns instead of tattoos.
Demi is not happy.

Return to Eisenshmide

Ejava is happy with the information, so orders a return.
They start sneaking back through the hills.
Take cover from an approaching thunderstorm…
Elemental – Thunderbird – descends from the clouds into the fortress.
It leaves carrying a heavy load, and flies north into the mountains.
Pyotr guides them back the fastest way he can find.

General Arada is pleased with the news, and orders a full assault prepared.
Demi scry’s from Laima’s tattoo – sees a vision:
– the Ruined monument of headless cove.
– inside its belly, an enruned pool of glowing water.
– guarded by a green-brass lion.
They recognize the pool – like the one in Siegsdorf.
Laima tells Arada, who orders word taken to the rest of the Legion at the Cove.
– Destroy the anathema relic!

Down come the Walls.

Pyotr joins the legion skirmishes and warstrider – assault the Fortress.
The Warstriders bring down the walls and take on the Jotunn.
The Dragonblooded and skirmishers mop up the Forestwraiths.
The supernatural violence leaves the fortress in ruins.
Pyotr notices some Jotunn expressing panic after their tattoos are smashed off.
Pyotr surveys the ruins, and weeps for his fallen friends.
As the Legionaires are leaving, Pyotr finds a rough map left by the Jotuns.

483 Resplendant fire 13

City Divided

Ascending Fire 21

After the Generals’ party

The doctor, Aujaq and Vlad try to work out what needs to be done
The Queen, The Vilkatas, or the Slaver Cynis Wou.
Much talking about what is more critical…
The name Cynis (Imperial Family) raises flags – is he a Dragonblood?
The next day they talk to Lady Raga Syn
Cynis is renowned for Slave, Intoxicants and Luxury trade
Ragara is the House given authority for trade in Belicht
They haven’t received requests from House Cynis…
How can we tell if he’s dragon blooded?
Dragon Bloods look different – purity of blood gives elemental markings.
She gives them a spell cord – Dragon of Smoke and Flame which will detect closest dragonblood.
Wou appears in all backgrounds – Elin, Queen Marlene, and Laima.
Need to investigate him more.

Dinner with Elin.

After a few nights, they gather for an indepth conversation
Aujaq makes “herbal” tea to put everyone more at ease
Ask more about her history with Cynis Wou. – what does he look like, act like, compatriots?
She makes a drawing of him – dark, bark-like skin, heavyset, frayed “rich” clothing.
She spent years in the Blessed Isle.
Cynis family “trains” slaves. Drugs to pacify, then loyalty excercises.
Cynis left the Isle with a handful of valuable slaves and his close retainers (pictures drawn)
“Scarface” vilkata has been with him since she can remember.
He has become an underworld figure in Reiherheim.
Everyone is dismayed “dragonblood…”
But sounds like Wou fled family problem, should have no backup.
They decide they have to go to Reiherheim to get a closer view and learn more.
Aujaq and the Doctor get into a heated discussion about the Queen and Demons.
Aujaq is most persuasive at the table
Demons are the Evil, influence and manipulate people, change their behavior.
People should be given a chance to prove themselves while free of influence.
Don’t kill people out of hand until we’ve removed demonic influence.
Queen is innocent! So are Laima and Hailong!
Vlad privately voices – willingly calling demons is worse than influence…

A City Divided.

Before leaving, Vlad bribes the Vendig harbormaster to be on the lookout for Wou’s retainers.
We’ll find out what trade he does, try to interrupt.
The river trip is long and nerve wracking – the crew is quiet and serious.
Arrival in the city is a shock, things have changed.
Armed guards move in groups – City guard, Scarlet Cloaks, and new “Azure Sentinels”.
The Doctor wants to see if the ghost of Warden Falke can help..

Streets of Chaos.

Doctor and Vlad go to visit the Cathedral of the Silver Heron.
The trip is dangerous – almost attacked a few times! Looted shops and burnt houses.
The blocks around the Cathedral are barricaded and patrolled by Scarlet Cloaks!
It is overrun with refugees.
They meet with High Lord Ulrich. Pleased to see them in these troubles times.
All started with the death of the King.
Many are unhappy with a commoner ruler – especially a ‘trophy wife’
Many try to rebel, Queen raises more soldiers, and imprisoning many.
Traders killed and robbed, food shortages and strikes.
The Church of the Silver Heron is doing what it can to protect the people.
The Azure Sentinels are Marlene’s private guard – all women, but brutal.
They are given a private room to contact the Warden.
Warden has been trapped since Kerker – months of darkness…
They reassure him that they return to Kerker, but he is too unhinged to help them.

A Final Meeting.

Aujaq goes to the palace to see the Queen’s innocence.
The Azure Sentinels patrol the gate – only let him in because of old signed papers.
Marlene is very happy to see Aujaq – a friend from before the troubles.
Private dinner with wine and gifts exchanged.
Queen is veiled and in black, mourning the loss of her husband.
Very affectionate towards Aujaq, has been thinking a lot of him, missing his company.
Gives a gift – an old tribal ceremonial blade.
Aujaq realizes this was weilded by the Draugr in the tomb…
Over the evening Aujaq is nervous and watches the Queen closely.
Spots some breaks in her expression – she is faking her emotions!!! Manipulating him!
Marlene asks for help, would he know old myths and history? Feels compelled to help…
But, Aujaq is suddenly scared and makes poor excuses to leave in a hurry.
Sees Marlene measure him with cold eyes as he leaves.

Replendant Fire 2


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