Welcome to Vendig
Season of Descending Fire, Year of the Illustrious Foundation - 472.


  • Venice-like canals and buildings.
  • Cosmopolitan trade port.
  • Metzalar – ruling council of merchants
  • Running water and wards keep out hungry ghosts.

In which we run from hungry ghosts

  • The Doctor, Pyotr and Brother Sun are caught outside town at nightfall. Hunting for moss/herbs before end of summer.
  • Worried about falling night, they try to rush for town.
  • Doctor advises to head for running water, hunter knows of a river in the area.
  • Fast break for river, hear hungry ghost on trail…
  • Fear leads them to run – make for town, just ahead of a ghost…
  • Hungry ghost at Westgate bridge, kept out by wards.
  • Doctor tries to assuage it – it gets strengthened, and goes about its own business.

Where we see the dangers of exotic imports.

  • Vladof, Mal and Hailong are waiting for incoming shipment – exotic bones?
  • Mal and Hailong investigate crashed ship. Ship is empty – shredded sails and blood streaks
  • Sailors have been killed, 3 big cat-things..
  • Vladof checks – Wyld touched Simhata (3)
  • Hailong lights fire around edges of boat – The Doctor yells to stop (wakes one up)
  • Hailong tries to catch it… Lasso and acrobatics…
  • Mal taking bets, Pyotr takes a perch, Brother Sun organises firefighting
  • Brawl on boat – Hailong mauled to the point of death
  • Demeanor and Vladof gather supplies, rope and catnip…
  • Pyotr kills the awake simhata.
  • Inventor drops doped balls among other simhata – they get enraged and fight to the death.
  • Brother Sun gives speech on “men following duty, own work, extolling virtues of the Guard and Immaculate Order”
  • Hailong taken into care of doctor.
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