Karl Falke

Bitter old cripple of Kerker


Son of Kerker founder, Warden Frederik Falke and Sorceress Margarethe Falke.

Karl was a soldier in the war for Independence, and was there when Kerker Hall fire consumed the inmates, guards and his parents.
After the loss of his hand he returned to Kerker where he (unsuccessfully) tills his land and drinks himself to oblivion every day.

How he lost his hand remains a mystery, although a likely scenario seems to indicate that a cow stepped on it and caused it to be mangled beyond repair.

Karl is not fond of foreigners, or anyone really, and was the first one to object to the burial of Prof. Gruft at the local graveyard.

Despite this, an unlikely friendship is made between himself and Demeanor the Tinkerer after which Karl was prepared not only to follow the older man to almost certain death but also to give a substantial amount of his own blood for a ritual to summon his mother Margarethe in the ruins of Kerker Hall.

Karl Falke

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