Outcast Icewalker Shaman


As a member of an Icewalker tribe, Aujaq lead the life of a nomad, supporting his clan with his remarkable knowledge of the spirit world in their daily life.

As he refused to move on with his tribe and decided to stay near the edge of Deep Woods of Bosewald, he became an outcast, both within the Icewalkers and the modern population in the city. He claimed that the spirits told him his presence is needed here, but his fellow tribesmen rather thought he got entangled in the luxuries of a settled live near a large city.

Not belonging to either society, he spends his days alone in a small hut in the woods, hunting, crafting instruments and communicating with the spirits. He is accompanied by a helpful animal spirit in the form of a Snow Badger named Koda and able to see signs and small nature spirits in his surroundings. He usually carries a ritual drum and rattles to summon the spirits and ask for guidance wherever he is.


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