Storming the Gates

Descent into the Underworld

Where final preparations are made.

  • The townsfolk have congregated at the Townhall, Temple and Inn.
    * Everyone is on edge for “strange behavior”
    * Laima and Demi go to the temple and interrupt the gathering.
    * Laima makes a deal for more medallions – will send aid to town.
    * Pyotr, Vlad, Laima, Demi and the Doctor pack horses and equipment.

Descent into the underworld.

* Pyotr and the horses are uneasy on the trip – walking into a shadowland…
* Kerker Hall is a huge fortress in the Underworld
* Laima has to verbally whip Pyotr into shape – terrified at “unnatural” place.
* The ghosts of the Kerker Guardsmen are fighting a loosing battle against the hungry ghosts.
* They convince the ghosts they are there to help
** - get permission to search the storage for personal items of prisoners.
* Find the fetters of the dangerous ghosts – Whistle, Axe, Holy Symbols, Journal, Hammer.

Rituals of binding.

* Make their way to the prison courtyard – withness ongoing battle.
* Margarethe and remaining guards are fighting ghosts attempting to escape.
* No time to do anything else…
* Convince them to allow the Doctor to erect some wards
* Effect everything in underword – visible “bubble” around the well.
* The ghosts inside start to wear away at the ward.
* In the meantime, Margarethe does a ritual to bind the troublemakers securely
* Requires lots of blood and assistance from the still living…
* The Doctor makes another ward in preparation of the 1st collapsing.
* Margarethe holds a bloody bag binding the ringleaders
needs regular upkeep with fresh blood…
* She is thankful for the help, and agrees to teach more occult to the Doctor.

Inventing the term “blood drive”.

* They return to the Kerker and explain the situation.
* Inspired speech makes the town thankful, providing free board and food to the Heroes.
* The town organises a roster to go up and help Margarethe and the ghosts.
* Laima sees business opportunities :)



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