Elemental Rain

Resplendent Air 16

As the snow fell on Siegsdorf, the Elementals launched their attack.

Vlad stood at the gates and watched the boulders come crashing into the main gates.
It all seemed to obvious, so Pyotr and Mal left the wall to patrol the town.
Vlad looked on with humor as the Woodfolk burnt themselves on the wards.
As the rain of stones crashed the wall, Vlad leapt down to block the entry.
The three Jotunn charged forward, and Vlad whirled between them, keeping them occupied.

Meanwhile, Mal and Pyotr spotted another pair of Jotunn and a handful of Woolfolk clambering out of the river and onto the wood-mill’s docks.
Pyotr launched an arrow which exploded into flame – sending the woodfolk scattering and injuring a Jotunn.
Mal chased them into the stacks of logs, dodging around until he had one cornered against the log-saw – then kicked him onto it. The other wounded Jotunn tried to hide amid the stacks – until Mal, still covered by remains gave it the choice to run or dieā€¦ it chose to leave.

Pyotr saw the pair of Thunderbirds circling – and one dived down, releasing a horrific lightening burst which set the garrison fort afire. He rode through the streets to get the perfect shot, and felled one of the thunderbirds with two shots.

Vlad had meanwhile felled on of the Jotunn, and lured another onto the already warded wall – where it started to smoke and burn from the magics of the ward. After a spirit-cutting strike which pierced the armored hide of the Jotunn, it offered to cede the gate to Vlad – he accepted and saw off the remaining pair of Jotunn.

Mal meanwhile lept to the roof of the now burning Garrison Fort, and when a Thunderbird came swooping down, leapt up to intercept. The explosion of thunder and lightning left Mal badly charred and deafened, but the Thunderbird was sent crashing to the ground where it was forced to assume human form.
Mal, in no shape to fight further, snuck away south while the Thunderbird called down lighting and slowly healed itself.

Mal spots more Jotunn attempting to cross the warded bridge at the south of town, and as Vlad rides down from the gate, directs him there.
At the bridge, the Woodfolk were too fragile to risk the burning magics of the wards, but the three Jotunns managed to force their way across – ending up with smoldering hide when they reached town – only to be faced by a totemic shining Vlad – covered in the gore of a Jotunn, and holding a blade surrounded by sun-fire.
One Jotunn runs straight back across the bridge, one leaps into the water and tries to hide under the waterfront buildings, while the last takes a deep breath – and vomits out molten lava at Vlad

The pair dance around each other, until Vlad gets in a vicious strike that leaves his sword buried in its back – and hanging on while the Jotunn flails uselessly trying to get Vlad off. Until finally Vlad is able to get a sold grip and finish off the Jotunn.

During this time, Pyotr has been chasing the last Thunderbird all over town – taking shots which have forced it to stay above the clouds until, eventually, it is forced away from the town and over the ocean.

The three exalts, with the help of the town guard, are able to finally chase down the last Jotunn which was trying to stay hidden in the town – and capture it.

Resplendent Air 16



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