Power Grab

Ascending Air 20

Taking Stock

Vendig has been affected by the plague, but is pulling through.
The merchants are adapting to a new way of business, where scarcity drives profit!
Smugglers and connections are what prospers, not the large orders.
The underworld has been similarly affected.
Thugs, thieves and petty criminals have fallen to their greed – and the plague.
The remaining criminals are slowly organising, and becoming semi-legal.
With the city recovering, messages are sent their people in Siegsdorf – come back!

To the Victor…

Now that the Legion under Ejava is headed south, the field remains..
Mal starts recruiting laborers to collect weapons and armor.
- The coinage and other small items are left for the workers to scavenge.
Vlad stays in the city, but educates the laborers on proper handling of infected goods,
Also on how to clean them – man laborers clean their own collections too.
Demi leads a crack group collecting more esoteric and valuable goods.
- They find a number of small artifacts and strange writings from the Legion.
Laima packs and catalogs the collection, making sure all are properly paid and accounted for.

The collection of the arms and armor goes amazingly quickly,
But word spreads far and wide – Vendig has weapons and artifacts.

Reborn Reiherheim.

Marlene is no longer the wife of a dead king, but soon to be monarch of Belicht.
Invitations have been sent to House Waarches, and “associates”.
They choose to give the (dead) general’s sword as a coronation gift.
Reiherheim is in full celebration mode – food, cleaned up, bunting all over.
Everyone is a little overwealmed by the change in this formerly somber city of temples.
Demi settles into the opulent castle suites – hot bath, servants, food, wine.
Mal spends the morning looking at all the potential targets. But becomes nervous.
The new town guards “Marleys” are in force – no Scarlet Order around.
Guards look very competent – much more than expected! Criminals have gone into hiding.
Vlad goes to the Cathederal and sees how the formerly bustling area has fallen silent.
Laima spends the morning hobnobbing – and spreading her own tales which prove popular.


The delegation from Vendig have their own covered seating.
The traditional crowning ceremonies, led by the Scarlet Order, are carried out.
Marlene gives a rousing speech to the assembled masses.
Bright new future, peace and prosperity, Law and Order – everyone laps it up
- Except Laima, Vlad and Mal – who have to constantly remind themselves of the truth.
Marlene springs a surprise – the Scarlet Order being disbanded…
Mal – looking like he belongs, quickly starts moving out to stand by Ulrich
And only just makes it in time to interrupt (and hide) an attempted slaying of Marlene.
The Queen goes on to show the parade of new soldiers – a very professional looking one.

Internal Strife.

Demi goes to the Coronation dinner.
Everyone seems so very excited and happy. Marlene seems well loved.
Except for the old Seneshal Giles, who Demi tries to pump for information.
He is trying to hide his fear, but doesn’t divulge his true feeling to Demi – known associate of the queen.

Laima, Mal and Vlad take Ulrich to the Cathedral.
He is furious – the Scarlet Order has a long history and are blessed by the Silver Heron, Marlene has no right!
They talk to him – revealing the truth of the Exalts, and that Marlene is also beyond his power…
They convince him to save the Scarlet Order – by fleeing to Vendig!
With only little assistance, Ulrich gathers his most loyal followers and gathers up as much as they can carry.
The Scarlet Order – their holy artifacts and much of their collected wealth disappear into the night.
- “The Poor Order of the Silver Heron” surface in Vendig.

Resplendent Air 8



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