Cutting the Knot

Ascending Air 16

Return to Vendig

The Doctor, Demi and Aujaq find themselves lost in the deep forest of Bosewald
They feel the enchantment of Verloren still working.
As they travel, the forest constantly shifts, and they find it hard to determine where they are.
They decide they need to go back to the others – to warn and get reinforcements.
As they travel, the forests shifts to become the environment around Vendig.
They emerge just east of Vendig, to a rising sun.

Plans for the Legion

The Exalts gather at Vlad’s house to share what is going on.
While the Shrine, Jotunn, Demons, Hungry Ghosts etc are issues, they can’t act until the Legion on their doorstep is dealt with.
They plan to talk to Tepet Lisara and get the Legion to leave.

Surprise Attack.

Mal sneaks out in the early predawn to his hidden warstrider.
Using the Hearthstone from Vendig undercity, he powers the Warstrider, and “sneaks” to the Legion outskirts.
At the gates, Vlad, Aujaq and the Doctor call for talks with the Legion under a flag of truce.
Lisara and entourage come out to talk… sighs of the plague still active in legion camp.
Vlad lays out a plan – cure and transport home, Legion leaves us Exalts alone.
Lisara angrily defends her faith and purpose of the Legions – protect the Realm from Anathema.
She arms herself with charms.
The Doctor points out the flaw – slow death by plague and Hungry Ghosts, suffering soldiers etc…
This convinces Ejava – who beheads her sister Lisara for the safety of her soldiers – offers surrender on terms.

The Lost General

Days later, the Legion is preparing to board ships home.
Ejava meets with the Vlad and co – “we’re leaving, but we are still enemies”.
The 42nd Legion is now leaderless – Arada resigned when he heard of the abandonment by the Realm
She is taking command – and will organise their withdrawal, which will take time.
Ejava wryly notes – “the remaining weapons and supplies are yours, or the Ragara’s”

Passionate Pleas

Demi wants to find Arada – they became friends and Arada could help them!
Demi can scry, but needs personal effects of Arada.
Vlad tries to ask Ejava, but she sees no reason to “sell out” her relative to Anathema.
Demi, frustrated, takes matters into her own hands. She tries to sneak aboard the ship.
Captured and brought to Ejava – who is not amused.
Demi makes an impassioned request – for her friend, for the people of Belicht – all the good Arada can still do.
Ejava is convinced and leaves the medallion of Arada – which he gave to Ejava when she became an officer.
(medal given to Arada by the Empress, for honourable service)

New Tenants.

Mal, Vlad and the Doctor go to the ruined fort in the north of Vendig
It sits above the undercity temple, and could offer protection and security.
They learn it has been taken over by local cutpurses – thanks to Mal’s sources.
The Doctor has a plan – they are all dressed in the Mortician outfit (plague mask, coat, etc)
The approach the thieves with a threat of plague and evacuation
The thieves are unconvinced – ill fitting outfits…
Vlad becomes excited at the prospect of fighting…
The Doctor threatens the thieves with Vlad “I’ll let him do what he wants to…”
Theives look at large scarred man with artifact sword – decide on discretion and leave.

Ascending Air 20



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