Preparations and Allies

Ascending Air 8

The Enemy of my enemy..

Aujaq, Pyotr, Demi and the Doctor search for allies against the Elementals.
The travel deep into the Bosewald forest and call out for the Gods of the Forest.
Aujaq’s impassions plea is answered by Verloren, forgotten spirit of Bosewald Forest.
The Exalts ask for help against the wood king elemental, Verloren is nervous.
He has been geased to not give help against the Altwald, the King of the forest. But obviously wants to help
Verloren says he cannot help, but must go and ensure that the Hidden shine of the fallen gods is safe.
The Shrine holds the arms and armor of those who fell in the God-Wars, and must never be held by mortal…
Then he slowly wanders away to “check on” the shrine – the exalts follow him…

The pen that stole a thousand ships…

Mal and Vlad in Vendig – they forsee the need for a fleet to carry “aquired” goods.
They both look at the devestation caused by the plague – resulting in much loss of life.
After aquring the records of who owned what ship, Mal and Vlad use their unsavory connections to discover which ships are now ownerless, and start forging deeds of ownership for them.
Given their new fleet of ships, they need crews, and start rounding up the dissatisfied sailors remaining.

Bigger problems…

Vlad and Mal head out to find out what materials the Imperial Legion has.
At twilight they head out of Vendig towards the Legion Camp.
Legion Camp is semi deserted, filled with dead bodies and barricades.
At the edge, the remaining members have built a rough fort containing remaining gear.
Vlad notices many wards around the camp – some broken and many surviving – wards against ghosts.
As the sun sets, the Legionaires come out and prepare for assault…
Mal and Vlad realise – the dead have become hungry ghosts – they beat a hasty (yet stealthy) retreat.
Around them the ghosts are rising from their bodies – lurching towards their former comrades.
When they get out, they spot the mass graves filled with the plagued of Vendig – and the horde rising there.
Carefully the sneak back into Vendig, slipping through the masses of Hungry Ghosts.

The Shrine of Fallen Gods

Verloren ‘leads’ the exalts to the Shrine, open the gates to check, then leaves, “forgetting” the gates open.
They enter a huge overgrown temple of old, unknown architecture,
Inside the walls are covered in vines and the floor covered in leaves and grasses, columns are trees.
The center is filled by a deep murky pool, with occassional ripples.
At the far end the Exalts recognize a statue of the Unconquered Sun.
Aujaq, Demi and the Doctor are drawn to the pool, and unnerved by the oppressive silence.
Pyotr darts across the vines to explore the temple – and finds monuments carrying arms and armor.
At the sound of his movement, a huge leech-like tentacle stretches out of the pool
Aujaq recognizes the creature – one of the forbidden gods – a blind god of consumption.
Pyotr takes one of the god-weapons, but its so heavy it bengs against the ground-
The leech-tentacle flashes out and strikes -Pyotr only just avoids it.
Demi tries to distract it with food from his pack…. 4 more leech-arms come from the pool.
Aujaq, realising its weakness, begins loud drumming – filling the Shrine with confusing echoes.
A mass of hundres of leech-tentacles writes in the pool, striking blindly at the walls.
Pyotr grabs a few weapons, and dashes for the door, following the others.
The run for their lives through the forest, not knowing where they are going – or caring.

Picking up the Pieces

Mal and Vlad return to the undercity, and to the place where Vlad was kept prisoner.
The cultists and demons have left, but something has cleaned up much of the area.
The pool where the Silver Heron was imprisoned is still glowing with power, and bubbling.
Vlad takes a closer look, the symbols are a strange variant on a ward – drawing in power?
He sees the temple’s hearthstone inside the pool… and takes a risk.
The pool tears at his soul, and he feels it stealing his essence…
But he leaves with the hearthstone – and dreams of a warstrider…

Ascending Air 15



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