Imperial Entanglements

Descending Fire 26


Vlad: to hunt down Vilkata
Pyotr: to deal with the Elemental uprising.
Hai-Long: to secure “his” iron mine from Elementals
Docto: to revel in her newfound power.
Demi: to fulfill old promises made
Susine: explore Vendig and the “civilized” folk.

Go North

The Doctor sends messengers to Sijan – Morticians will be needed asap!
Demi and Pyotr join her in travelling north to Kerker.
Relaxing week’s ride north to Reiherheim.
The ride through the deep forest is taxing and nerve wracking.
Nearly spotted by a Jotunn patrol! They are travelling south.

Imperial Invite

Hailong and companions are invited to a Ragara “celebration”.
Ragara Soras (head of House) is visiting his daughter. (Lady Syn)
The comanions prepare and dress for the occassion – finest people there!
All are uncomfortable surrounded by Realm patricians and dragonblooded.
Vlad tries to act humble, Hai-Long stays with Ragara Syn.
Susinen cloaks herself in her power and clouds everyone’s mind.
She listens and watched – intrigued by Ragara Soras’ “protocol demon”.
Overhears new on her companions – “Known pirate and demonic dabbler”
They are summoned (with lady Syn) to a private audience with Soras.

Long awaited release

Pyotr, Demi and Doctor arrive in Kerker. Looks to have prospered.
Carl has married Agatha – new mayor of town in big house!
They visit Margareth, and release Warden Falke – happy reunions!
Revelation – Kerker is center of a shadowland, Prison is in underworld!
With Warden’s return, town no longer needs blood sacrifice.
Celebrations all around – welcomed and cared for the trio!


Ragara Soras knows their past – pirate Hailong, dabbler Vlad.
He shares that politics in the Realm have shifted – Tepet no more favored.
Imperial Navy is withdrawing – no support for the Tepet Legions in Belicht
Soras tells daughter – come home, or make your expedition earn coin!
He asks Hai-long – are you still a good pirate? Can you obtain things for me?
Like the soon to be abandoned goods of the Tepet Legions.

Lessons from the Dead

Demi and the Doctor explain their new power to Margreth.
Margreth is excited – offers to help and teach them
She was a Heptagram sorceror in life, and knows many secrets.
While the town celebrates, Demi learns the language and practice of Sorcery from Margreth.

Ascending Air 8



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