Legacy of the Lords

Descending Fire 13

New Friends

They are standing looking at their changed statues
The person appears who resembles the last statue: Susinen
‘The stars led me, I come to destroy the invaders’.
Demi makes overtures of friendship with his special brew.

The gateway god is found near dead – the queen is here.
Aujaw lets Koda eat and take its place.
Koda changes – grows larger and now wears golden armor.
He shares, ‘I see the intruders, 4 people walk the history corridor.’

Old Friends

They go through the corridor filled with carvings.
The Draugr stand and watch. The doctor approaches.
They bow – we welcome your return, and serve.
They come across the intruders: Marlene, Birgit, and guards.
Vlad uses a charm, sees two immaterial demons.
Vlad attacks and kills – queen command all to stop.
Marlene was unaware of demons, wants explanation
Vlad explains birgit’s collaboration – she is dismissed.
Vlad kills her too. Then reads the locked door
Rightful ruler’s blood opens – Marlene enters.


Chamber is below the entry hall.
10 sarcophagi line the walls, made of precious metals and gems.
Queen Marlene explains she has come to reclaim their secrets.
Tries to open the last sealed door.
The doctor and Vlad are highly suspicious. Hear voices…
Adjaq and Hai-Long examining the sarcophagus.
The Caskets are strong mystical links to each of them.
When entered, they check the soul health…

Vlad, Pyotr, the Doctor and Hai-Long rerun upstairs.
They read the inscriptions – the history of the exalts.

Mal is still trying to get a hearthstone for the Warstrider.
Demi Has a feeling for the building – hearth lies below them.
Mal forces the last door open with his charms.

The dead past.

The voice they have been hearing is a ghost.
‘Louhi’, ex-exalt.
She explains she is trapped in here accidently – died in here.
The walls of the room stop the dead from passing through.
Inside is also one of the dead First One. (but it still wakes up occassionaly)
Asks them to briefly open the ward – remove the hearthstone.
Arguments over what to do, dont want to leave her, but dont want to open…
Finally agree to come back quickly,but leave Koda for conversation

They leave, Koda seals the Temple behind them

Descending Fire 14



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