Descending Fire 5

Undercity Revelations

Pyotr and Hail-Long exalt in a bonfire of light.
Pyotr – Monsters roam this world, destroy them!
Hai-Long – The Innocent are held in thrall by the power and wealth of the unjust – take it from them!

Pyotr and Hai-long barrel into the pair of Blood-apes – one manages to pummel Pyotr, who then slides between its legs and shoot a blazing holy bolt into it – destroying it, while Hai-long vaults of other other demon, plunging his now glowing dagger deep into its neck, decapitating it.

They enter the temple heart – seeing a now familiar glowing pool surrounded by cultists, a tattered Silver Heron held by sorcerous bindings above the pool, and a demon Neomah holding a lifeless child.
Hailong holds them in place with a speech on his judgement of them and they beg for the Demon to be spared, Pyotr begins to destroy the bindings, while Vlad (who had entered the room from another direction) charges in to kill the Demon.

The demon mortally wounded by Vlad, but in it’s final breath it curses Vlad as a traitorous child, then stab Vlad in the armpit with a long needle, dripping with demonic venom…

As the Cultists scatter, and they unchain the unconscious God, they realize what they have become – Anathema!

A precarious situation

Mal, Demi, and the Doctor manage to cure the soldier – but all around are in shock, staring at the now glowing trio. Tapet Lisara goes pale as she backs away from them.
The Doctor tries to explain – we’ve cured him, we can cure them all!
Lisara lays the blame for the plague on the Anathema – you seek to trick us to gain our trust, NEVER!
They run…
The Doctor manages to scamper through the camp – now waking up to screams of panic. – and into the forest. But Demi is confused by the panicked looks on faces and get turned around and lost in the confusing sea of tents and sleeping soldiers. She is held at bay by a trio of shaking soldiers with spears “Submit to the Justice of the Realm”..
… before Mal appears – glowing with light – and whicks Demi away “Sorry to intrude” .

In the confusion, they can’t work out a safe way out of the camp, until Demi sees the inactive Warstriders in the center of the camp – they make a run for them.

They are just strapping in when a pair of Dragonbloods appear – Lisara with her skin of stone, and another officer covered with sparks of lightening.

While Mal is fumbling with straps, his eyes are locked with the angry Dragonblood building up a massive ball of sparking power. Until Demi – now locked inside the Warstrider – swats the dragonblood who flies through tents and soldiers, leaving a trail of sparks and blood in his wake.

As Lisara runs away in fear, Mal vault to the shoulder of the Warstrider and guides Demi through the camp – a tower of Metal and Jade ploughing through the Imperial camp and straight through the wooden pallisades as if they were not there. Then into the forest, leaving a trail of broken and scattered trees.

Once the immediate panic dissapates, they collapse deep in the forest, Demi unable to keep up the taxing commitment to the Warstrider

Descending Fire 5



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