483 Resplendant Fire 23

Old Favours

Frederick Bauen – the nightwatch guard “rescued” comes looking for help.
Noticed he is sweaty and tired – his child is sick and help is too expensive.
Doctor offers to help.
Visit his house deep in the poor quarter.
Daughter is ill – symptoms of “Mother’s Milk”.
Number of priests and others have tried to help, to no avail.
She was playing with the kids near the Imperial Legion’s camp.
Doctor calls for quarantine, and send people to search.

Army of troubles.

Laima, Mal and Pyotr go to the encampment.
Surrounded by merchants and peddlers and curious people
There are many soldiers who look like they are falling sick.
The “sick tents” are all full.
Talk to Tepet Lisara – she becomes worried and starts emergency actions.
Calls for their Doctor to come inspect.
Learn that the illness started after some peddlers were selling cheap food
Confiscated one “cart”. It belongs to a merchant working for Ricardo.
Laima sends her guards to “collect” this merchant.

Spreading trouble

Mal and Pyotr head to the church to find the priests who may be infected.
Church has many people around it – many praying.
Mal investigates – praying for help for sick family and loved ones.
Scarlet Cloaks are keeping the masses out of the church
Lord Ulrich is here, warned by his God that trouble is coming. (is here!)
Needs help convincing Bishop Aldus to act – asks them to get Vlad.


Doctor, Demi and Vlad return to the encampment – in full gear.
Confirming that the ill soldiers are falling to the white plague
Tell Lisara of the source of this plague – she is pissed!
Vlad takes 10 soldiers to capture Chen and the boat.
Demi and the Doctor stay and start examining the soldiers.

Taking its Toll

Mal and Vlad go to Chen’s boat tied up in the old docks.
No one seems to be guarding, they storm aboard.
Inside the crew have been slaughtered.
Rotting body parts, and lots of milky liquid over the inner hold.
Vlad orders the boat burnt

The guards have collected the food merchant – he’s dead.
Laima quickly sees the signs – milky residue, lumps, lack of breathing… :)
She checks out his shop – someone put a plague sign over the door.
Rotten meat inside, along with a small runed idol, and instructions.
Intructions for meat pickup – the broken keep in the poor quarter.

The Search for Health

Pyotr, Mal, Demi and the Doctor are all scrambling to find a cure.
7 Bounties Paste would do the trick, but expensive and rare.
Trying to find local ingredients to replace.
Pyotr out collecting herbs and animal parts.
Mal “aquiring” expensive ingredients
Demo mixing, Doctor trying on soldiers.
All working round the clock, to the edge of exhaustion.

Where’s Vlad?

Laima has been trying to keep the merchants of Vendig inline.
Few instances of infected coinage, but plague is spreading still.
Vlad has been missing, she seek him out for assistance.
Met by the crowds and Ulrich.
Ulrich is nearly broken – mobs forming outside.
Crowds of paniced and ill people demanding help – blaming the priests.
Aldus’ house was attacked and burnt down.
Aldus, and Vlad, are presumed dead – bodies burnt beyond recognition.
Laima is suspicious and keeps Ulrich talking.
In the silent cathederal, Laima notices drag marks in front of the altar.
She leaves to get the others…

483 Descending Fire 2



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